Taking a large loan amount is not easy. Few banks have such programs, in addition, high income and guarantors are required. But there is another way – to take a loan, leaving the car on bail.

Credit Unions

A pledge of a car in a bank is a rarity. Usually they prefer to deal with real estate. But what if you need a loan, and the property is only a car? There are several options: auto pawnshop of credit cars or contact the credit union.

Credit unions issue not only small consumer loans, but also large sums on bail. A car loan is issued quickly, usually during the day. No need to collect a bunch of documents, it is enough to provide a passport, TIN and documents on the ownership of the vehicle.

The advantage of working with credit unions

If banks have strict requirements for each borrower, then credit unions in this matter are more loyal:

  • do not require a certificate of income;
  • study comprehensively the financial capabilities of the borrower;
  • give loans to customers with bad credit history;
  • Flexible transaction conditions – may vary, depending on the borrower.

A pledge is usually provided for passenger cars. In addition to loyal requirements, the main advantage of a credit union is a special approach to each client. Here they will study your problem comprehensively and make an appropriate decision. If the client cannot repay the loan on time, transaction extension or restructuring is possible.

Loan secured by ZaRaZ

Need a large amount? Contact the ZaRaZ company in Kiev, provide a car on bail and get a loan in just a few hours. You do not need to collect documents or provide a statement of income. Enough passport, TIN and documents for the car. The maximum loan amount is two hundred thousand, we have no restrictions on the age of the borrower, and you can get a loan in cash or by transferring to the specified details.

A loan secured by a car can always be added if the borrower has temporary difficulties. ZaRaZ company meets its customers, therefore, in case of financial problems, it offers customers to arrange a debt restructuring.

Interested in an offer? On our website zaraz.org.ua, you can learn more about the proposals of the ZaRaZ credit union. Here is a calculator with which the borrower can calculate their expenses and payment. If you make a decision, you can submit an online application for a loan on the company’s website.