A simple consumer loan is not always able to solve the problem of the borrower. Amounts of such loans are limited. If you urgently need a large amount, you can get a loan against a bail. How to do this and what security is better to provide?

Credit Unions

In addition to banks, credit unions operate in the lending market. These are organizations that provide various financial services. Thanks to the narrower specialization of credit unions, they manage capital more efficiently, which makes it possible to offer fairly advantageous loans.


The source of resources is the money of investors. Having become a member of a credit union, you can not only profitably place available funds, but, if necessary, rely on financial assistance in the form of a simple and affordable loan.

The credit on the security of a car

In a credit union, you can get a fairly large amount. The most popular program is the auto pawnshop of credit cars. If you urgently need a large sum of money, you must agree that it is much more convenient to apply to the credit union, leave the car on bail and receive funds within a short period of time than to contact one bank after another, collecting a lot of documents and often getting a refusal.


Loans from credit unions are popular:


  • to get them you need a minimum package of documents;
  • you can get a loan with bad credit history;
  • loan secured by a car will take from several hours to one day;
  • favorable credit conditions;
  • individual approach.


The main advantage of credit union loans is accessibility. In turn, a loan secured by a car in a bank is much more complicated, high demands are made on the borrower and it is likely to be refused.

A loan secured by a car from ZaRaZ

If you urgently needed a large amount of money in Kiev, do not waste your time visiting one bank after another and collecting a pile of documents. Contact the ZaRaZ credit union , where you can leave the car on bail and receive funds in just a few hours. To do this, it is enough to provide a passport, TIN and documents for car ownership. It is important that we do not have restrictions on the age of the borrower.


We do not aim to get the maximum profit, therefore we always offer favorable conditions. If necessary, we are always ready to lend a helping hand to you. Making a loan for a car in our company, you can always count on competent consultation, friendly service, openness and honesty. For us, clients are primarily partners, therefore we set ourselves the goal of establishing partnerships, trusting relationships.


We are always ready to enter the situation, if you did not manage to repay the loan on time, we are ready to extend the transaction or offer you restructuring. You can find out more about our offers on the pages of our services. There you can apply for a loan or find our contact details.