Loan amount: up to 500 000 UAH

Return period: from 3 to 36 months, with the right to extend

Registration time: 1 day

Rate: from 2% per month in UAH.

Documents: passport, code, documents of title for collateral

Car loan in Ukraine

A car is necessary in everyday life for various purposes. It is difficult for someone to go to work in public transport, others acquire a car to earn money. The reasons for buying a vehicle are many, and money is often not enough. The ZARaZ credit union can help in this situation by giving a citizen a loan for a car in Kiev.

For the applied clients the credit union offers:

car loan

  • Getting money in the short term.
  • The terms of the loan agreement the borrower can change during the transaction.
  • Low interest rate compared to competitors.
  • Convenient loan payment schedules.

We meet our customers by issuing money on credit for a car. Understanding how the issue of possible restructuring is relevant for most customers, the credit union is ready to discuss this issue with them when necessary. The turbulent times in the economy do not contribute to stability in business and in any other work.

When applying for a car loan, banks require a statement of income. Usually this is form 2 of personal income tax, or a certificate in the form of a bank. It is no secret that many citizens work informally and without an employment contract. This becomes an indefinable obstacle to obtaining a car loan in many banks. Our credit union gives a car loan without income statement, which is the undoubted advantage of our work over financial institutions.

If a citizen does not have enough money to buy a car, we will also help to resolve this issue urgently and promptly. Our employees will give out small loans immediately. The question of how to take a car on credit without a certificate of income will be resolved in the near future and our client will become the owner of the vehicle in accordance with their needs!

The principles of the ZaRaZ credit union are as follows:

  • individual approach to each client;
  • competent drawing up a loan agreement, explaining to the borrower his rights and obligations;
  • favorable interest rates on car loans;
  • car loan without income statement in Ukraine.

Having addressed us, each of clients can count on car purchase in short terms!