Loan amount: up to 50 000 UAH

Registration time: 1 day

Documents: minimum package

There was an urgent need to purchase any product, pay for the service – but are there currently not enough free funds? You don’t need to worry, we will help you!

Additional conditions: the age of a potential borrower from 26 to 65 years. Get your loan in cash or via bank card at the same day. If necessary, proof of formal employment may be required (income certificate). It requires registration in the city of Kiev or Kiev region.

Personal loan without proof of income

Loans have long been for many citizens of our country have become an excellent way out when you need to purchase durable goods. Not everyone can save a certain amount every month, but they will have to repay the debt to the financial structure, be it a bank or a microfinance organization. Consumer loans without income certificates became especially popular. It is because many citizens work informally and cannot provide proof of their salary since they receive it in an envelope. But still, consumer credit without a certificate exists as a product that many banks, MFIs, credit unions offer their customers.

The definition and classification of loans without proof of income

Consumer loans inherently involve a credit to the borrower. An agreement fixing relations of this type is signed exclusively with individuals. These loans have some classification depending on the purpose of receiving:

  • targeted, which are issued specifically for the purchase of the specified goods, study, repayment of loans in another bank and others, that is, the client must indicate where the funds will spend;
  • on the need for a return guarantee;
  • mortgages – they assume registration as a pledge of some property of the borrower, which is most often the commodity, for the purchase of which a loan is issued;
  • unsecured – issued to the client without additional confirmation of the return;

Depending on the date of issue:

  • express loan, which is published in a matter of hours and is a consumer loan without income certificates, as well as other documents other than those that are confirmed by the person;
  • classical, which require a more extended period for consideration of the application and a larger package of documents.

Credit organizations have many different programs to issue consumer credit to various groups of their clients. They differ in several conditions that also affect the cost of using money.

What factors act on the interest rate?

The leading indicators for setting the interest rate on a consumer loan are as follows:

  • terms of consideration of the application and issuance of funds;
  • package of documents required for publication;
  • loan amount;
  • period of use of borrowed funds.

The longer the responsible committees consider the client, the lower the rate can expect since they thoroughly check the client. The same thing is about the list of documents required to receive money. If this is a consumer loan without guarantors without references, then the cost of using money will be more expensive than when the client fully confirms his solvency. The ing is more significant the total amount of the loan, as well as its term, the higher, will be the overpayment on it. But MFIs provide an opportunity to take a loan for consumer needs for an extended period and pay off earlier without additional fees, which allows reducing overpayment to a minimum.

Who can be a borrower?

Not every client who has applied to a credit organization can receive a consumer loan without references. The risk of default on the amount taken and payment of interest on the use of money is quite high. Therefore, financial institutions are quite careful in issuing such loans.

The main criteria in this case are:

  • The client must be a citizen of Ukraine, as well as residents at the place of registration;
  • The age of the borrower cannot be lower than 26 years and exceed 65 years;
  • Work experience of at least three months;
  • Several confirmed contact numbers;
  • Positive credit history.

Also, each financial institution may set its conditions for issuing such loans, although their central mass that can focus on the specified criteria.

Also, for a loan without certificates, you must submit a package of documents that will help the bank confirm the client’s solvency. The list may vary depending on the purpose of lending.

Our company offers the most loyal requirements to its borrowers to quickly issue them money for their purposes. Also, we pay cash on a credit card, which makes the receipt of funds more secure and comfortable.

Documents for issuing an urgent loan

To get a loan for immediate needs, you must provide:

  1. passport with registration;
  2. additional document that can confirm the identity of the borrower;
  3. in case of registration of pledge documentation on the right of possession by him;
  4. certificate of marital status (marriage, divorce, the birth of children, and others).

Documents for registration of a loan for the development of subsidiary farm is a must.

Here are the following documents to apply for the loan:

  1. passport with registration;
  2. documentation on the right to own land, buildings, which are part of the personal economy;
  3. positive recommendations of the governing bodies at the place of registration of the borrower;
  4. documents for registration of collateral or documentation of guarantors.

Documents for processing a loan to pay off previously executed debts

To get money to refinance prior received loans, you should provide:

  • passport with appropriate seals;
  • loan agreement on a loan, for the refinancing of which a credit issue;
  • information from the lending bank under the terms of the previous loan;
  • any documentation that may indirectly confirm the client’s solvency (documents on the right to own property, bank statements, international passport with trips abroad in the next 12 months, and others).

Getting a loan without an official income statement is not always very easy. Also, it is costly, since a credit institution always reinsures itself against the risk of not returning at high-interest rates. But among the many offers of credit institutions, you can always find very loyal ones that will make it possible to receive money without massive overpayments.

One of the most popular in Kyiv and the region right now is ZaRAZ company, which individually approaches each client and tries to find the best conditions for everyone.

Recommendations before applying a loan without proof of income

Those who need to take credit for consumer needs, but there is no possibility to submit an income certificate, you should listen to some recommendations:

  • familiarize with offers on crediting of this type in all nearest credit institutions;
  • calculate the real rate on your loan, taking into account all payments, commissions and other additional fees;
  • carefully read the contract of credit relations that you offer to sign;
  • Apply online to save time.

Consumer credit without income certificate in CS “ZaRAZ” is a very convenient way to solve financial problems. But it is worth remembering that it should return. So try to assess your capabilities before applying for a loan realistically. Well, the employees of the “ZaRAZ” should help you with numbers and calculations.

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