Loan amount: up to 200 000 UAH

Return period: from 3 to 36 months

Registration time: from 2 hours to 1 day

Rate: from 5% in UAH per month

Documents: passport, code, documents of title for collateral

If you urgently need money for any purpose, we are ready to provide you with the required amount on the security of a passenger car

Additional conditions: the age of the borrower does not matter. The registration is in Kiev.

The form of the loan: Cash loan or non-cash transfer according to the details provided by the borrower

Vehicle secured cash loan. Car pawnshop for everyone.

In recent years the speed of life has increased significantly. The surrounding situation sometimes changes so quickly that people do not have time to respond to it appropriately. It is especially true of money that needs for the purchase of certain goods on the terms of the action or simply because of the demand. A similar situation observes in business, where an entrepreneur can urgently need money to replenish working capital or develop a new direction. And then the user is faced with the question of how to get money?

What is vehicle secured loan?

car secured loanOur company “ZaRAZ” will help solve all the problems by providing money as a pledge of the car. We have been working in Ukraine for a long time, drawing up a cash loan to everyone who needs it. Our company offers its customers the following credit products:

  • fast loans;
  • loan without references, pledge, and guarantors;
  • loan secured by real estate;
  • personal credit;
  • cash loan guaranteed car.

Our employees are highly qualified and polite service, thanks to which the paperwork takes place promptly and without delay. We regard crediting in our company not only as business cooperation because our clients become our friends.

Money on the security of the car will allow realizing their wildest dreams and be sure to achieve their goals.

Why vehicle secured loan is so popular?

Why vehicle secured loan is so popularThe activities of our company aimed at meeting the financial needs of our members. And all the income that the pawnshop brings is distributed as dividends between the participants. Our company can equate to a mutual aid checkout, where you can quickly get money on the security of a car. Moreover, even ordinary members of our organization take part in the adoption of relevant decisions. If there is a need to make adjustments to our work, we accept them only after an agreement with investors, borrowers, and company members. This approach ensures the transparency of our financial activities and gives investors additional guarantees.

Our pawnshop on bail cannot equate with financial pyramids. After all, the number of our members is strictly limited, so we can guarantee each of them the opportunity to influence the financial management of the company. Each participant can not only make their savings in the company but also get cash on the security of the car.

Where to take vehicle secured loan?

A loan secured by a car is one of our priorities. But at the same time, our company does not set as its primary goal a profit. Our work style is democratic, and we always provide all possible support to our members and customers.

Therefore, if you urgently need cash, then we will be happy to help. It is effortless to get a loan on the security of a car. You can also get a loan secured by real estate or get a loan without any references. Also, we accept deposits from the public and will help place funds on you or a child on the most favorable terms.

The main advantages for your clients

Our activity is not limited to the provision of loans secured by a car. We also serve clients who own free funds and want to open a deposit. Today Kyiv boasts a large number of financial institutions serving deposits. But how can a client be sure of the safety of his money? And where do they offer the best conditions for deposits? Our experts will answer all your questions.

credit secured by a carOur company conducts a very competent and balanced financial policy. Clients in most cases, can get a loan secured by a car or other real estate. Experienced and qualified staff will help not only safe but also increase your savings.

Also, we always go to meet our customers and draw up a contribution to the most suitable and favorable conditions.

Our advantages over banks are as follows:

  • The term of a loan does not exceed several hours. Even a loan secured by a car is processed very quickly;
  • A loan secured by a vehicle can always extend by agreeing to provide installments;
  • Possibility of loan restructuring;
  • More favorable interest on deposits and a guarantee of return of the deposit;
  • Compulsory insurance of deposit funds.

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