Deposits in dollars

If a person has free savings, he decides which deposit is best: in dollars or in hryvnias. There are many people who firmly believe that foreign currency is more reliable and stable, so they accumulate their funds only in this currency, despite the fact that they often lose income, unlike people who keep deposits in hryvnia, although and fear devaluation.

A person always has a choice, you can choose one or another currency, guided by various facts, however, such a dilemma, which is so peculiar to the Ukrainian people, is incomprehensible, for example, for Poles who keep their savings in national currency and say only a small percentage bid.

In recent years, deposits in dollars (Kiev) have become less relevant. However, Ukrainians often ask themselves: “Are we risking storing money in the national currency?”, Experts say that it is easy to calculate using the “pivot point”. This is the foreign exchange rate at which it is not profitable to keep funds on deposit in hryvnias. If you have indicators about the “pivot point”, you can easily operate on these data and assess the risk.

Today, there are many banks that offer dollar deposits, but before you invest, find out what deposit rates the bank offers. It is necessary to clarify all conditions in different banks, take into account the rating of deposits in dollars. It is also necessary to be guided by reliability, and additional conditions and benefits, such as: duration, minimum amount of investments, the right to additional replenishment.

The lowest interest rate in dollars is offered by Asset Bank, it is –9.20%. While the “Financial Initiative” offers deposits, the percentage of which is 11. But you should carefully study all aspects before you put money on deposit .

The National Bank of Ukraine provided data for 2013, which states that deposits in dollars have become a less successful investment and did not bring the desired income, who was going to earn extra money on the devaluation.

However, it is up to you to decide in which currency you will deposit the money, and whether this investment will bring the expected benefits.