The most attractive financial instrument for most investors is a deposit. Such investments have a low risk, but in order to get maximum profit, you need to choose the right financial institution for investment.

Credit Unions

Most of the population is used to investing in banks. But the situation in the financial sector of Ukraine has shown how unreliable such investments can be. Weak banks, inefficiently managing their capital, burst like soap bubbles. At the same time, credit unions entered the market, which not so long ago had been given enough attention.

Credit Union – a financial organization. She specializes in lending and deposit operations. The interest rate on a deposit in a credit union is higher than that of a bank. Some people think that this is due to the risk of non-return, but this is not so. Credit unions manage their capital more efficiently, which allows them to receive higher income and, accordingly, attract more expensive resources.

The advantage of deposits in credit unions

Not so long ago, the financial sector was cleared of weak players. Not all organizations were able to survive during the crisis, but those that remained once again proved their reliability. Deposits in credit unions have become more attractive:

  • transparency and understandability of the work of credit unions;
  • the interest rate on such deposits is much higher;
  • features of the functioning of the organization allow us to offer flexible, interesting conditions.

If a client becomes a depositor of a credit union, he not only receives a stable, high income, but also in the event of force majeure, he can count on financial assistance in the form of a loan on favorable terms. Unlike banks, in which even large depositors get a loan is extremely difficult, and often impossible.

Benefits of investing in ZaRaZ

ZaRaZ Credit Union is a financial institution that offers deposits in the city of Kiev on the most favorable terms. The investor of the company receives a high interest rate, and at the same time reliability, because ZaRaZ lends on the security of real estate in Kiev.

Thanks to effective management, the ZaRaZ credit union can guarantee security and high income. It is not in vain that our company is in the top ten of the state rating “Investment Attractiveness”. If you want to invest money competently and with minimal risk – check out the offers of our credit union, located on the website Choose a suitable investment for yourself and effectively increase your capital.