According to the conditions Financial Services Regulation (hereinafter “Rules”) and the terms of the Loan Agreement.

For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations assumed under the Loan Agreement, the Borrower shall be liable in the manner and on the conditions specified in the Loan Agreement and the Rules.

1. Potential consequences for the consumer in case of using a consumer loan or non-fulfillment of obligations under the consumer loan agreement, including delay in fulfilling obligations to pay payments, as well as the amount of forfeit, interest rate, other payments applied or charged in case of default on obligations under the agreement about a consumer loan:

– in case of violation by the Borrower of the settlement schedule (Appendix No. 1 to the Agreement), namely: failure to receive the planned monthly payment in full and within the time frames stipulated by the settlement schedule, from the next day the loan under the Agreement will be automatically recognized as a loan with an increased risk. During the term of recognition of the loan as a loan with an increased risk, interest on the loan is charged at twenty times the amount specified in clause 1.1. Credit agreement.

– in case of violation by the Borrower of any of the obligations to pay the loan and / or interest for using the loan provided for in paragraphs. 1, 3 of the Agreement, the Borrower undertakes to pay to the Lender a penalty in the amount of double the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine in effect during the period for which the penalty is paid for each day of the continuation of the violation of the Agreement by the Borrower.

The penalty interest cannot be more than 15 percent of the amount of the overdue payment.

The aggregate amount of the forfeit (fine, penalty) accrued for a breach of obligations by a consumer on the basis of a consumer credit agreement may not exceed half of the amount received by a consumer under such an agreement;

– If the Borrower does not repay the loan in a timely manner and / or if the Lender has the right to recognize the loan repayment period as valid, and the loan is obligatory to be repaid, provided for in the Agreement and the Rules – the Lender has the right to submit this agreement before the collection of the terms provided for by the current the legislation of Ukraine.

Debt collection under this Agreement can be carried out:

– By the tribunal’s decision;

– from the executive inscription of the notary;

– in the case of securing the fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement by a mortgage – out of court on the basis of the Agreement on satisfying the claims of the mortgagee or the corresponding clause in the mortgage agreement.

– in any other way provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

– in accordance with Art. 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine – the borrower is not released from liability for the impossibility of fulfilling his monetary obligation. The borrower who has delayed the fulfillment of the monetary obligation, at the request of the Lender, is obliged to pay the amount of the debt, taking into account the established inflation index for the entire period of delay, as well as three percent per annum of the overdue amount, unless a different amount of interest is established by the agreement or the law.

2. Failure to fulfill the obligation to repay a consumer loan may affect the credit history and complicate obtaining a consumer loan in the future:

The Lender has the right to provide the necessary information, with the consent of the Borrower, on the formation of credit history to other persons who need this information to perform their functions or provide services to the Lender in the amount that will be determined by the Lender independently, taking into account the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

3. A financial institution is prohibited from requiring a consumer to purchase any goods or services from a financial institution or a related or related person as a prerequisite for providing a consumer loan.

4. To make an informed decision on obtaining a consumer loan on the proposed conditions, the consumer has the right to consider alternative types of consumer loans and financial institutions.

5. The credit union has no right to unilaterally amend the agreements concluded with clients, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law.

6. The borrower has the right to refuse to receive advertising materials by means of remote communication channels.

7. Possible costs for the consumer to pay payments for the use of a consumer loan depend on the method of payment chosen by the consumer.

8. The credit union does not use a remote service system (including a personal account on the KS website), in which the consumer initiates an extension (prolongation, prolongation) of the loan maturity (term of fulfillment of the monetary obligation) / loan term / term of the agreement.

Amendments (including amendments to the essential terms of the agreement) and additions to the Agreement shall be formalized by the Parties signing additional agreements in writing. In the event the consumer initiates an extension (prolongation, prolongation) of the consumer loan repayment period (the term of fulfillment of the monetary obligation) / credit term / term of the consumer loan agreement is carried out in accordance with the procedure specified in the previously concluded Agreement.