If you have not saved up money to buy a car – it does not matter. You can take it on credit. But this procedure is not simple, many banks have high demands on borrowers.

How to get a car on credit

During the crisis, some banks curtailed the car loan program, while others tightened requirements. Even a person who has a permanent job, can not always count on the fact that he will approve a loan. This is especially true for those who work informally.

A car loan is not always necessary for a long term. Sometimes a small amount is not enough for a purchase, which the borrower can repay within a few months or a year, but it is difficult to find a bank ready to finance such a transaction. How to get a car loan without income statement? An alternative may be a car loan from credit unions.

What is a credit union?

A credit union is a company that specializes in a specific segment of financial services. This is a union of members of the organization who pool their capital to meet their needs, including borrowed funds.

Credit unions provide loans on favorable terms. Their main advantages are:

  • low requirements for borrowers;
  • clearance speed;
  • flexible conditions;
  • individual approach.

Credit unions specialize not only in the issuance of consumer loans , they can also issue funds for major transactions – to purchase real estate or money on credit for a car.

Car loan from ZaRaZ

If you need to get a loan for a car in Kiev, we recommend that you contact our credit union ZaRaZ. To do this, you do not need to provide a statement of income or a large package of documents, it is enough to provide a passport, identification code and title documents for property provided as a pledge.

ZaRaZ company offers favorable conditions, the loan amount can reach 500 thousand hryvnia. It is noteworthy that you can get a car on credit without inquiries in one day and enjoy your purchase.

ZaRaZ Credit Union is a reliable partner who is always ready to help, each client’s issue is considered individually. Even if you didn’t manage to repay the loan on time, here they will also meet you and offer to prolong the transaction. On the website of our company https://zaraz.org.ua/ in more detail you can familiarize yourself with the terms of the loan and apply for a loan.