To save their savings from depreciation, and even to get a certain profit from them, is an urgent issue that worries any of our compatriots. Over the past ten years, the national currency has depreciated greatly, many banks have burst, and commodity prices have risen significantly even in foreign currency terms.

Nevertheless, money should still be handled with caution and the risk of loss is minimized. Some experts propose a scheme that will help to distribute the shares of available funds by investment instruments. In their opinion, this is the optimal balance, which makes it possible to feel confident in the future. They advise investing:

  • bank deposits – 40%;
  • in securities and shares – 20%;
  • in precious metals – 15%;
  • in investment funds – 7%;
  • in PAMM accounts – 6%;
  • in cryptocurrency – 2%.

At the same time, they advise to leave 10% in cash. Such a scheme does not involve investments in real estate, since in this case the portfolio would have turned out to be quite expensive and excessive for most of our citizens.


If we talk about diversification, this means that not all funds should be placed in securities and shares of the same enterprise. They should be divided between different companies, thereby ensuring safety against unforeseen circumstances in the market. Exactly the situation with foreign currency. It is necessary to spend the national currency in equal shares for the purchase of US dollars, euros, British pounds, etc. It would be nice not to forget about the yuan, which deserves some attention.

Conservative Investments

This type of investment involves an income of up to 20% per year of the total amount invested. The simplest and most understandable way of investing is opening a bank deposit. Any client does not think about how a financial institution provides profitability, he knows for sure that a certain amount will be credited to his account every month. At the same time, state banks give guarantees of 100% safety of deposits, private structures – up to 200,000 hryvnia, which are guaranteed by the fund.

When it comes to long-term investments, securely invest your money in precious metals. However, to buy bullion, you must have significant resources. It is not profitable to purchase gold products, since in any case they are accepted at the price of scrap. Do not forget also that there is a difference between buying and selling. Therefore, selling gold in a month or two will be unprofitable. For it they can give a smaller amount than the one in which it cost.

For the long term, it makes sense to invest in real estate. This is a method proven over the centuries, as over time any property of this kind will rise in price. Although it also has its own specific features. Low liquidity will not allow to quickly realize the object at the desired cost. If you urgently need money, there will be a risk to sell the property faster, but lose it. Those who do not feel the need to use objects can be rented out, which will bring additional income. Otherwise, the property will involve operating costs, since it will have to be constantly maintained in order.

Investments in antiques and art can be made only by those who are versed in this. The risk of stumbling on fraudsters and acquiring illiquid fakes is too high, so this option is not suitable for everyone. To get the opportunity to buy a real masterpiece at an affordable price is a rare case. It can happen with the probability of winning the lottery. On the market you can find both high-quality imitations and base fakes.
Contributions to intellectual property is also an investment tool. Here, the role of an asset is played by copyright, which can then be rewarded. For the performance of compositions on the air, the owner receives royalties. By the same principle, the rights to scientific developments, software, as well as photo and video materials are bought.


A good way to invest money is to finance your own education. If a person is confident in his abilities and willpower, knows that he will certainly succeed in a certain field, he should not doubt for a second. Gained knowledge and experience will remain with him for the rest of his life, will never depreciate and will not disappear.

Aggressive types of investments

Everything mentioned above was an example of conservative investment options. However, a higher percentage can be obtained by choosing aggressive methods. But do not forget that the risk of losing all the money in this case is quite high. Stocks can not only rise in price, but also become cheaper. And if the company in which the money was invested goes bankrupt, then all assets will be lost. Moreover, more often than not, a person far from the financial market trusts to represent his interests to a broker who may turn out to be unscrupulous or have insufficient professional training.

Investing in mutual funds can give a good financial result. Such activities can be carried out through many banks, including through Raiffeisenbank, VTB, etc. Each financial institution may offer the depositor to place their money, and then dispose of it at their discretion. But if, in the case of deposits, a person will determine a specific amount for which he is entitled to rely, then in this case everything will depend on the results of the activities of enterprises in which money is invested. No one gives any guarantees, and the depositor risks becoming bankrupt.

If you invest in a general banking management fund, you can expect to make a profit through the use of a significant number of financial instruments. However, guaranteed returns here are also not to be expected. The investor does not know what exactly his income will be. He is simply forced to believe that his money will be managed reasonably and effectively. It turns out that nothing depends on him anymore, and for the whole reporting period he lives on only hope for the best. This option is not suitable for everyone.

Trust management, consisting in the disposal of PAMM and LAMM accounts, boils down to the fact that for a certain percentage, a person who can trade in the FOREX market manages other people’s money. However, it is worth considering that each manager has his own strategy. Some people prefer not to take risks, while others, on the contrary, can get carried away with rather risky ideas. The risk will increase, the chance to burn out, too, and as a result of wasted money no one will compensate.

Investing in your own business

Participation in business projects is not an option for obtaining passive income. It is naive to believe that you can entrust your money to a partner and periodically come to him for profit. If you do not control the entire process yourself, you may encounter the fact that partners will begin to use investors, depriving them of some of the income. There are rarely so responsible and decent people whom you can trust unconditionally. To open his own business can only be the person who has the grip and the ability to conduct it. In a competitive environment, an unstable financial situation and the lack of a reliable legislative framework, you can quickly get burned out and left with nothing.

Internet projects and startups

Such an investment can bring dizzying profits or fail. Any purchased site can fall under the search engine filter without bringing further profit. If a person feels that the resource has good prospects, it can make good money, having recouped all the costs of its acquisition after a relatively short period of time. As for startups, the most successful examples are Microsoft, Google, Wikipedia. Profitability can be expressed even in thousands of percent, the main thing here is to try to invest in several projects.



The biggest risk when lending is to deal with an unscrupulous borrower. A person does not know how he will manage the money received on credit. Although he will draw up a contract, then recovering his funds will be practically unrealistic, since the borrower may not have any money or property.

Trading in foreign exchange markets

This option is quite risky. Risks can be aggravated by the fact that the broker to whom the person will turn out to be a fraud. If a person is not particularly versed in the specifics of such an instrument as Forex, it is easy to mislead him, put to sleep vigilance, and then leave him in an unenviable position. Some brokers disguise their activities as Forex trading, while they themselves are engaged in the construction of ordinary financial pyramids. Some transactions are not even brought to international markets, which leads to the loss of all initial investments.


When investing in cryptocurrencies, you may encounter the fact that the exchange rate will first show growth, and then gradually decline. So, in 2013, the value of Bitcoin increased hundreds of times, but then began to decline. There are no guarantees that the course will grow steadily.

Betting at betting shops and binary auctions

Frankly speaking, it’s rather difficult to call this kind of activity an investment. It is rather a game or a hobby where luck can turn its back on the player at any time. One hundred percent guarantee of success, even with competent calculations of bets and odds, no one here gives. Since the risks are very significant, the overwhelming majority remains the loser, and only owners of bookmakers win.

The picture with binary options looks in approximately the same way. But here forecasts are not made for sporting events, but for an increase or decrease in prices for stock indices, stocks, precious metals. Options are acquired for various periods of time – from one minute to a whole month. If you are lucky and the forecast comes true, you can earn a round sum. But as a stable option for investing, such activity is still impossible to consider. Moreover, much depends on random factors.

Participation in financial pyramids

The success of this kind of activity may not last long. In this case, money is not invested in assets, and the so-called profit is paid exclusively by expanding the circle of participants in the pyramid. There are such pyramids that even before the collapse can bring up to 100% per annum, and there are one-day options that promise up to 200% per month. There are no guarantees or forecasts for a certain period. If a participant withdraws money on time, then he can get a good income. No one knows the answer to the question when a critical moment will come.


Summing up, we can conclude that the average compatriot the safest and most proven way to save money will be the use of conservative methods. Everything related to sky-high profits carries many risks. Making a bank deposit, especially in a state bank , will bring at least a modest, but still profit. If a person has an impressive amount of money, a reasonable decision would be to purchase precious metals or profitably buy real estate.

If in developed European countries many people invest their money in stocks, then with us this tool does not give a 100% guarantee of a positive result. General financial illiteracy, the imperfection of the legislative base and the judicial system significantly aggravate the risks associated with such investments.
Anyone should remember that preserving savings is in no way identical to participating in pyramids, exchange games or financing startups. Such options can both make a profit and leave without funds.