The coming 2020th, brought to the life of the inhabitants of Ukraine, along with other changes, the question: “Where to invest the available savings in the new year.” Of course, this problem is significant for the family budget of a huge share of Ukrainians, since the well-being of many of its citizens depends on its competent solution.

Stocks and other currencies

Many residents of Ukraine willingly invest their savings in stocks or the currency of other states. It is very profitable and profitable. Only here there are some nuances that are key in making such investments. So, to invest in stocks, you need to have some starting capital. Such capital should be initial for the acquisition of such securities.

To start you as a shareholder, you must not only first acquire start-up capital, but also find a reliable and promising enterprise. The latter is also quite significant, since if you invest money in a bankrupt enterprise, then you are unlikely to get a profit. Therefore, before making this kind of investment, you need to consult a specialist in this field or get acquainted with some information about a particular organization.

As a shareholder, you can become a contributor to a mutual investment fund (Unit Investment Fund). Real experts in their field work here, who, if necessary, will give one or another consultation on investing money in profitable stocks.

Investing in currency is also a profitable way of investing money today. Many Ukrainians invest in this way all their available capital. To invest “your hard earned money” is not in the national currency, but in:

  • Dollars
  • Euro;
  • Pounds
  • Franks and stuff.

You can also open a deposit in one of the reliable banks in Ukraine. Depending on the amount of the open deposit, the amount of interest will be calculated.

To open a deposit, you should choose a reliable bank with a high rating and a clean reputation. Be sure to carry out any banking operations related to the conclusion of relevant agreements, you must carefully read their terms. Otherwise, you can seriously harm yourself in moral and material terms.

In order to open a deposit at an annual interest, it is not necessary to conclude an agreement with domestic financial organizations; you can do this with foreign institutions. In some cases, the second option brings much greater profit than the first, domestic.

Gold and Jewels

A good way to invest money is to invest available capital in jewelry and gold. In modern society, many Ukrainians consider this method of saving their own money and enrichment as one of the most reliable. Investors simply buy expensive items made of precious metals, considering this method of investment the most durable.

In Ukraine, not only the gold of banks is bought, but also all kinds of expensive jewelry. Moreover, many of these jewelry during long-term storage become a real “treasure” for their owners. One has only to find a good buyer and sell them profitably. By the way, if you purchased a designer gizmo, then over time its cost can increase significantly, thereby you have a real chance of enrichment.

The property

It is very profitable to invest available funds in various real estate. In Ukraine, such a method of enrichment is also widely appreciated. For example, you can purchase one or more apartments, where you can not only live, but also rent them. By the way, rental apartments in Ukraine is an excellent source of income for their owners. This type of profitable investment has already been appreciated by many residents of the country.

Real estate acquisition has been profitable at all times. The reason for this is the annual rise in prices for it, especially in times of crisis.

In addition to housing, available funds can be invested in the purchase of land. Land plots are also always in demand, especially if they are located in a zone with developed infrastructure. Such land is always in demand, and is always sold at a high price.


In the coming 2020, it is profitable to invest existing savings in antiques. It is only important to find truly valuable antiques that can bring you considerable profit in the future.

To make such an investment, it is preliminary recommended to look for standing antiques in the corresponding shops and stores. It is also necessary to ask the price of the things you like so as not to pay a triple price for them. In order to correctly choose an antique thing, it is worth listening to the opinion of a specialist who will give you valuable advice about the choice and price.

Therefore, you should not keep money with dead capital with you, but you should invest it profitably in one of the proposed methods.