A deposit is one of the most popular financial instruments. The most famous way to invest, save them and receive income. To have maximum profit, you need to choose the right financial institution.

Credit Unions

Many residents of our country associate savings deposits with banks. But deposits can be placed in other financial institutions, such as credit unions.

They have a narrower specialization. Credit unions are more like a mutual assistance fund, whose members can rely on financial support if necessary. But they also place deposits of the population, while their offer is the best interest rate on deposits, thanks to a more rational management of liabilities.

Advantages of depositing in credit unions

Forget stereotypes. Today the news is full of information about the next liquidated bank. They discredited themselves, and the reliability of some is in question. At the same time, credit unions are gaining popularity. There are reasons for this:

  • many of them are participants in the Deposit Guarantee Fund;
  • best interest rate on deposits;
  • more attractive accommodation conditions.

Deposits in credit unions and placement conditions in credit unions are no different from the usual ones. There are various terms, there is the possibility of early withdrawals, floating interest rates and so on.

Profitable deposits of ZaRaZ

ZaRaZ Credit Union provides its services in the city of Kiev. The company is in the top ten of the rating “Investment Attractiveness”, therefore it is very popular among investors.

ZaRaZoffers the best contribution to its customers. You can choose the option with the possibility of partial withdrawal or replenishment, while it can be placed for a period of one month to several years. The interest rate depends on the type of deposit chosen, but due to the competent financial policy of the company, it is high and is of interest to investors.

Placing a deposit in the credit union of ZaRaZ does not carry any risks, as the company participates in a deposit protection program. On our website you can familiarize yourself with offers for investors and even fill out an application for a deposit.