up to 1000 000 UAH


from 24%

per annum


3-36 month

with loan

Rate: per annum

( UAH monthly)

1. Interest is calculated on the loan balance. That is, the lower the loan balance, the lower the amount of interest.
2. You can repay the loan ahead of schedule in full or in part without penalties and additional commissions.
3. The loan is issued in the form of a line of credit, which allows you to plan your expenses, save interest and use the loan as your wallet.

If you need money for any expensive purposes – we are ready to provide you with the necessary amount of credit on the security of real estate

Loan amount: up to 1,000,000 UAH

Repayment period: from 3 to 36 months, with the right of prolongation

Loan approval period: 1 day

Interest Rate: from 2% monthly in UAH

Documents:: title documents on the subject of pledge, passport, and identification code

If you urgently need money for any purpose – we are ready to provide you with the necessary amount on the security of a passenger vehicle.

Loan amount: up to 200 000 UAH

Repayment period: from 3 to 36 months

Loan approval period: from 2 hours to 1 day

Interest Rate: from 5% in UAH per month

Documents: title documents on the subject of pledge, passport, and identification code

There is an urgent need to purchase any product, pay for the service, so is there not enough free funds at the moment? Do not worry, we will help you!

Loan amount: up to 50 000 UAH

Loan approval period: 1 day

Documents: minimum package

Credit amount: up to 500 000 UAH

Return date: from 3 to 36 months, with the right to extend

Registration term: 1 day

Rate:  from 2% per month in UAH.

Documents: title documents for collateral, passport, code

Credit amount: up to 500 000 UAH

Return date: from 3 to 36 months, with the right to extend

Registration term: 1 day

Rate:  from 2% per month in UAH.

Documents: title documents for collateral, passport, code

Did not find what you really need?

Cash Loan

Credit is one of the most sought-after services since a person needs to solve his financial difficulties and strive to preserve his savings. Today, cash can hardly be done without money; it is needed everywhere and always. Numerous commercial companies offer to borrow money quickly and without much hassle. However, few people know what advantages a credit organization should have to provide this service as profitable as possible for the client. Use the loan to save your savings, to spend the perfect vacation, to carry out the planned repair or to make money on the security of the cherished dream. There are many goals, and the main task is to pick up a profitable cash loan in Kyiv so that you do not regret and protect yourself from debt.

“ZaRAZ” Credit Union meets all the requirements necessary to provide such services at a qualitative level with the maximum benefit for the client. The main principle of the company is availability, honesty, and professional approach to each client. We are always ready for open cooperation to be still able to provide both moral and financial assistance to anyone who needs our support.

Credit conditions, interest rates, as well as any information of interest, are always publicly available. Our clients instantly receive a full consultation on any emerging issue. The main difference of our company is the ability to quickly and on the best conditions to receive cash in credit. Every day we try to make this opportunity even more profitable for absolutely all customers.

Cash loans with no collateral

There are situations when you need a certain amount of money that you have nowhere to take. In such circumstances, a practical and balanced decision will be to get a loan at a small percentage for the use. It is not always possible to resort to the help of a banking institution, including because employees are asked to collect an impressive package of documents for which a person does not have time. Also, bank employees can call the workplace to confirm the information provided, and this is not always appropriate and convenient for the borrower. If only because he does not want to advertise his need for money.

As a rule, bank employees do not want to listen to the client’s reasons for which he asks for debt restructuring and begin to intimidate a person who has fallen into a difficult situation with litigation, as well as with huge fines. We listen and pay attention if the borrower got into a difficult life situation. In this case, after consideration, our employees can formalize the debt restructuring and delay its payment as much as possible.

In this case, the “ZaRAZ” Credit Union will become an excellent alternative to a banking institution, since the specificity of its activities allows us to offer our clients favorable credit terms, judge for you.

  • Reduced interest rates – we are not afraid of comparisons and can withstand the highest competition;

  • Convenient loan repayments – unlike the bank, where there is always a massive stream of customers, we have the opportunity to approach each request individually and develop a comfortable loan repayment program for the borrower;

  • By concluding a transaction with the bank and putting a personal signature, the borrower will not be able to change anything, since the conditions will become final. We are ready to enter the position of a client and make significant concessions on changing the terms of loan repayment because in life no one is immune from unforeseen situations;

  • To get a loan from a bank, you need to spend a significant amount of precious time. You will not have to wait in our company since it will take only a couple of hours to arrange a small loan;

  • In case of force majeure circumstances, there is no need to expect loyalty from the bank.

The loan applying procedure
To get a full consultation, as well as the necessary funds, you will need:
visit our office in Kyiv; contact our staff by phone; fill in a simple online application form on our website. Receiving a sum of money takes from 2 hours to 1 day (if there is a minimum set of documents).

Collateral cash loans

We often are approached by clients who urgently need a significant amount of cash. For such moments in the Credit Union “ZaRAZ” there is an excellent solution to the problem that has arisen – a cash loan against bail. These loans are issued on the security of the client’s property, which may be:

  • country houses, cottages, apartments, land (any real estate);

  • any vehicles owned by the borrower;

  • other valuable property.

The significant advantage of this type of loan product is a lower interest rate and speed of registration with the provision of a truncated package of documents. It is enough to have a civil passport and title documents for the collateral property. No more than one working day is given for a loan on the security of the property. This type of lending service is subject to the ability to quickly receive money online. After providing competent advice, the professionalism of our employees allows us to promptly make an objective market assessment of the property subject to pledge.

How to take money in our company

Despite a large number of different offers on the lending services market, it is tough to get money without a certificate of income and official employment. To date, “ZaRAZ” occupies a leading position in the financial services market. One of the reasons for such popularity and recognition is the ability to make money on credit online by filling out an application, which will indicate the minimum information necessary for issuing money. Having an identity document, as well as a certificate of ownership of valuable property (real estate, land, car, etc.), which is planned to be pledged as collateral, the client will be able to issue a loan in 1 day and dispose of the loan at his discretion. Employees of our commercial organization will help you make the best choice of the credit program that is right for you.

What factors credit approval depends:

  • The client’s solvency and expected financial receipts in the near future (this criterion significantly distinguishes our company from the bank conditions for obtaining a loan);

  • Maintaining a balance between income and expenses of the borrower, since this determines directly the determination of the maturity of the funds issued (as a rule, the portion of the monthly repayment should not exceed 35% of the total income).

What to consider when choosing a loan program?

First of all, it is necessary to rely on available sources of income. In order not to create unpleasant consequences, the client must be sure that he will be able to repay the due amount in full, and in compliance with the deadlines set. The amount of interest paid may depend on the selected period for repayment of the debt. In the annex to the contract for the issuance of borrowed funds, the client will be able to visually see the exact amount of both the principal debt and all interest to be paid. Money on the security of property, or less financial means without the provision of a certificate of income and confirmation of formal employment, this is primarily the emergence of our partnership. If there are financial difficulties, we, for our part, will consider the possibility of prolongation (renewal) of the agreement, temporary interest rate reduction, or granting deferred payments.

Principles of operation of the “ZaRAZ” credit union
The goal of our work is to improve the conditions for the provision of credit services in the financial market so that customers can get a profitable cash loan in Ukraine and are satisfied with the personal service. Every day we try to improve the professional level of our employees, improve credit programs, and strictly follow established rules and guarantees. Starting cooperation with ZaRAZ, you receive free advice on all legal and financial issues, the possibility of individual selection of favorable credit conditions. The fully transparent activity of the company, honesty, and loyalty in personal work with clients, flexible interest rates on loans provide us with a high degree of competitiveness, as well as a decent reputation among the leading financial institutions in the market.

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