Location of the “ZaRaZ” Credit Union:

Kiev, Viktor Zabila st, 5, office 122 (There are no separate subdivisions)

Index: 03039

KOATUU territory code: 8036100000

We work from Mon-Fri from 9-00 to 17-00, without a break

(0-800) 755-427 (Free Call)
(044) 525-54-27
(050) 443-50-30
(067) 242-44-67
(063) 495-37-03


Full name:

“Zaraz” Credit Union , identification code (code EDRPOU) 37716197

ZaRaz Credit Union is a financial institution based on cooperative principles to meet the needs of union members in mutual lending and the provision of additional financial services through the combined cash contributions of other members of the credit union.

Although we are relatively young, we still managed to gather the best specialists in our field under our banners. It allows us to find a common language with almost everyone who decided to join us “in the family.” The key to our success is an individual approach to everyone!

Credit union activities:

  • Accepts admission and compulsory shares and other contributions from members of the credit union;
  • Provides loans to its members on the terms of their payment, urgency, and security in cash and non-cash;
  • Private firms and private enterprises may also own · Loans on behalf of credit union members;
  • Acts as a guarantor of the fulfillment by a member of a credit union of obligations to third parties;
  • Places temporarily free funds on deposit accounts in banks that have a license to work with citizens’ deposits;
  • Provides loans to other credit unions unless otherwise established by a decision of an authorized state body;
  • Is a member of payment systems;
  • Pays, on behalf of its members, the cost of goods, works, and services within the limits of loans granted to them;
  • Carries out charitable activities at the expense of funds, specially created for this purpose.

The list of services provided by a financial institution:

  1. Providing funds for a loan, including on the terms of a business loan;
  2. The attraction of financial assets with a liability regarding their subsequent return.

State regulator:

National Bank of Ukraine.
Address: Institutskaya street, 9, Kiev, 01601
Contacts: 0 800 505 240
E-mail: nbu@bank.gov.ua

Previous regulator (until 07.2020)

01001, Kyiv, st. B. Grinchenko, 3
Tel. (044) 234-39-46
E-mail: office@nfp.gov.ua

Supervisory Board composition:

Uvarova Yulia Vladimirovna – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Trostyanskaya Irina Vladimirovna – Secretary
Grushinsky Vitaly Anatolyevich – Deputy Chairman
Shatilo Gennady Nikolaevich – Member
Volotovsky Alexey Valentinovich – member

Composition of governing bodies

Abramsky Nikolai Vladimirov – Chairman of the Board
Sviridovskaya Vera Ivanovna – Member (Chief Accountant)
Chernyshenko Artyom Mikhailovich – Member

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