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1. Interest in the rest of the sum.
2. You can pay partially or continuously or at the end of the term.
3. You can close your loan early without any penalties.
4. Credit line with prolongation possibility.

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Lending for entrepreneurs

We are an officially registered financial company and have been working steadily for over 10 years.

On the financial market of Ukraine – 10 years of fruitful work. For us, 10 years mean: reliability, stability, openness, prudence and professionalism. In particular, our many years’ journey and accumulated experience have allowed us to take care of others and do charity work.
CU “ZARAZ” helped many to open their own business, become happy homeowners, but all the years it reliably retains the value of depositors’ funds.

Since 2012, according to the results of an independent audit, CU “ZARaZ” has repeatedly become the leader of the year in its field, which is confirmed by certificates.

Lending for entrepreneurs

The ability to repay the loan in a convenient way

  • Pay via the Internet from a card of any bank;
  • Make a payment at a branch of any bank;
  • Make a payment at the ZaRaZ office;
  • Transfer money to the account using the details;
  • Payment on the site.
The credit union provides loans to its members on the terms of their payment, urgency and security in cash and non-cash form. Farms and private enterprises that are in their ownership can receive loans on behalf of members of the credit union.
Frequently asked Questions
You need to fill out a short form on the website, call the number 0800755427 (call is free) or contact the office for advice and filing an application for a loan for business.
  • Loan term from 1 to 60 months;
  • A business loan is provided in the amount of 50,000 to 2,000,000 UAH;
  • Officially registered business activity.
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a document that replaces it;
  • Certificate of TIN assignment;
  • Documents confirming the ownership of the property, which will be transferred to the Credit Union as a pledge (under the relevant agreement on securing the fulfillment of obligations);
  • Information about the actual income received.
The loan is provided in cash or non-cash form, for any needs.

Every modern person dreams of self-realization and becoming financially independent. Many of us open our own business and develop successfully. Unfortunately, not every person can afford to open a business with personal savings, since a large amount will be required. And now there is a choice: to say goodbye to your dream, or still take a loan and do what you love?

Today, business loans to entrepreneurs in our country are given not only by banking institutions, but also by credit agencies, usurers, various financial structures and MFOs. Each of them offers individual terms of cooperation and interest, so you need to study everything in detail and make the right decision, because you have no right to make a mistake!

Before applying for a loan for a business in Ukraine, you need to carefully analyze the current situation in the credit market and analyze today’s lending conditions. In fact, this is a very important and responsible step that should be taken very seriously!

Where to get a business loan for an entrepreneur?

The need for a loan arises when you need to open a business or expand an existing one. At the first stage, the choice of funding sources is small: it is personal financial savings, or a loan from family / friends or withdrawal from a credit card (if we are talking about a small amount of money). In the event that the business is already open and is working safely, you can add loans from the bank to the listed sources.

Do you know where to get a loan for business development? Let’s list the possible options.

  • Bank loan

This is the most common solution for external financing of your own business. Only now banks in our country are not very actively willing to lend to private entrepreneurs because of the difficult economic situation.

To obtain a bank loan for a certain amount of money, the client must have: a good credit history, the necessary financial statements and collateral.

Banking institutions are more willing to issue a loan secured by a deposit or real estate. Of course, you can offer land, transport, equipment as collateral – but this is more difficult.

You can try to get an investment loan, but then the institution may require participation in your business in return for funding. According to statistics, Ukrainian banks do not confirm an application for a loan to every third private entrepreneur. Institutions attach great importance to the type of activity and business development.

  • Credit unions

This is a kind of alternative to banking institutions. In order for you to be given a certain amount of money in debt in this organization, you need to become a member of it. To do this, you will need to pay an entrance fee and a share. Only after that the client will be able to use the service of the credit union, as well as other participants.

This is a kind of alternative to banking institutions. In order for you to be given a certain amount of money in debt in this organization, you need to become its member. To do this, you will need to pay an entrance fee and a share. Only after that the client will not be able to use the service of the Credit Union, as well as the rest of his depositors.

It should be said that the interest rate in a credit union is much higher than in a bank. The term for which loans for business development can be provided is a year.

The credit union does not agree to a large loan. This institution attracts funding only to solve urgent problems that many entrepreneurs may face.

If you are looking for a source of medium or long term financing, then a credit union is not for you!

  • Microcredit service

Probably, each of us noticed how recently in our country, microcredit services have become popular. As a rule, this institution issues money “before paycheck”. These organizations allow you to quickly take a loan for a small amount, while you do not need to leave a pledge and provide a certificate of income.

The term for which crediting is provided is from 30 to 90 days.

In some cases, loan rates are slightly higher than stated. It is unlikely that the service data can be attributed to a reliable source of funding.

  • Usurers

If you need to borrow a larger amount of money, but at the same time you do not have the necessary documents, or even worse – are you a spoiled credit history? In this case, you can try to borrow from the usurers!

Usury is known in history from the most ancient times, when there were no banks, lending, and, in fact, money itself. The first loans were given and returned in grain, any food or livestock.

To date, Rostov gives out loans only on collateral and a very high interest rate. Such a loan is issued by a lawyer, where a specialist draws up a contract. A separate place is the discussion of penalties and the repayment process. It should be noted that you need to be very careful in cooperating with private lenders so as not to run into fraudsters and not lose your property.

  • International financial institutions

It is considered one of the most effective loan providers. The interest rate is significantly lower than the bank rate – this is a huge plus.

But only those companies that have a clean credit history and excellent financial documentation will be able to take out a loan here. You will be able to get a loan from an MFI only if your business fully meets the requirements of their loan program.

Lending for entrepreneurs: lending conditions for small and medium-sized businesses in financial institutions

A loan for small and medium-sized businesses is a special banking service aimed at helping and developing private entrepreneurship. Loans are provided for various business purposes. All developed European countries include programs for SMEs, which are the main driver of economic development and an extremely profitable product for the institutions themselves.

Loans for small and medium-sized businesses

Recently, Ukrainian banks have very often issued loans for small and medium-sized businesses. After the crisis that ended in 2016. there is a serious demand for such loans, therefore, today’s banks are in fierce competition for solvent entrepreneurs.

If we talk about banks, they provide the following types of loans:

  • Express
  • Agro +
  • Microloan
  • Small loan.

Do not lose popularity:

  • lines of credit and cards;
  • overdrafts;
  • investment loan;
  • leasing.

Each entrepreneur has his own individual goals for obtaining a loan. It can be not only a loan for starting a business, but also for expanding production, opening new outlets, purchasing new equipment, and so on.

What do you need to do to get a loan for an entrepreneur in a financial institution?

What do entrepreneurs need to do to get a business loan from scratch?

  • First of all, decide on the purpose of taking money and the amount you need.
  • Calculate for what period of time you can pay this amount.
  • Study the terms of cooperation, all possible institutions that provide such an opportunity.
  • Collect the required package of documents.

And only then, after making sure of the reliability of the financial institution, you can apply for a loan.

Benefits of obtaining a loan for business

And at the end of our article, let’s talk about the benefits of a loan for entrepreneurs.

In fact, there is one big advantage of a loan – taking the right amount of money here and now. A person does not have to wait for a certain period of time until he accumulates money or receives a cash flow. The money can be collected in cash immediately after the application is made.

We hope we have guided you where you can get a loan for a business and where it is better to do it. We wish you to make the right decisions and develop your business competently!