Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev


up to 2 000 000 UAH


from 2%

in UAH


1-60 months

with loan

Every person has a dream or a cherished desire. Many wishes are not about spiritual values, but material, tangible objects. People want to buy a long-desired thing. Someone wants to improve their living conditions, go to a distant exotic country, open their own business, or gain new knowledge. If the realization of a non-material dream is more dependent on a person, then real desires and needs may be related to the availability of money. Then a person has a reasonable question – where to get money quickly? Many people do not have savings, so it’s impossible to accumulate the necessary amount. There are no reliable and real friends who are ready to provide loans with little cash. There remains one more opportunity to achieve the dream – to take a loan.

Mortgage, loan, cash loan, interest rate – these words are probably familiar to everyone and have become part of our life. But for some people, a loan is also an unattainable dream. Many are afraid of fraud, or someone has already become disillusioned with lending. And some people willingly take a cash loan, but they are frightened by the collection of a vast amount of certificates and documents, red tape, unfavorable conditions or a high percentage. Also, it is not a secret that many people receive a salary in an envelope. So they demand a certificate of income from the bank and earn quick money, a cash loan, or immediately issue a consumer loan. And then begin the search for a bank or a credit institution, so that it is fast and profitable, easily and securely, without collateral and hidden interest.



up to 17%

per annum


up to 24 months

with prolongation option

Deposits secured by Kiev real estate
Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev

Flexible approach to each person

With us, you can quickly arrange and receive a cash loan for any purpose, a loan secured by real estate or a car. We offer favorable conditions for consumer loans, issue loans without collateral, and guarantee.

If the borrower has financial difficulties or unforeseen circumstances, we will consider the issue of contract prolongation, and provide a delay in payments. Sometimes it’s a temporary reduction in the interest rate and offers other loan conditions. We will help you find the optimal solution to the problem, on the terms of the client, and not to please your interests.

Our clients are not debtors, but our financial partners

Each of our clients is primarily a partner of our Credit union. After all, first of all, we offer reliable help and support, and then we provide financial services. We control the numerical limits of our clients and our financial strength and resources. Our company counts on commercial opportunities, so we follow the established rules and guarantees, which allows us to improve and improve our professional level. All our investors and borrowers are members of the ZaRAZ Credit Union, and therefore can enjoy all the privileges and bonuses of this membership, as well as get access to financial management. We are responsible for every action we take, so we try to work honestly and openly, to be understandable and accessible to everyone.

Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev
Where to take loan?
How we are working

It is not very easy to get a loan in Ukraine, especially in Kyiv today. In conditions of a protracted crisis, a quick cash loan is even more challenging to take. Therefore, citizens avoid banks, and obtaining various express loans, instant loans, or quick money, with substantial interest rates is not acceptable for them. On the Internet, you can find a lot of announcements about getting fast loans in any part of Ukraine or Kyiv, while promises to give out cash in no time at the minimum percentage of many credits.
Meanwhile, not everyone knows that it is possible to get a quick loan in Kyiv in the “ZaRaZ” Credit Union. The credit union is not a bank with substantial monetary assets, which is the primary goal of making a profit. In our activities, we are primarily guided by the principles of partnership and alliance, treat the client with confidence and care, and are ready to help every borrower who applies to us.

See how our credit scheme works!
Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev
“ZaRaZ” Credit Union

Always ready to help you!

Our staff will provide you with free help and advice on any financial and legal issues. We can offer the best conditions that are right for you and are now the most profitable. Personal approach to each client, flexible lending conditions, loyalty, and honesty, as well as professionalism in work, allow us to compete with other financial institutions.

We do not hide information from customers, do not try to deceive or mislead our investors. All questions regarding the activities of the “ZaRAZ” Credit Union, reviews of our grateful members are available to everyone online on our website. Any interesting information on the proposed loan products, commercial offers, interest rates, and credit conditions can always found in the company’s office.
Our employees will be happy to share with you fast lending opportunities, instantly offer the best deals, provide an opportunity for self-selection.

The realization that we can bring a person closer to his dream and help in its implementation makes us better, gives us confidence in the correctness of actions. After all, the financial well-being of each is our common goal.


We are an officially registered financial company and are working steadily in the market. We are not intermediaries. We issue a loan directly – from our own funds.

  • From 2% per month – we have the lowest interest on non-bank lending.

  • Get up to 80% of the value of real estate collateral.

  • Registration: no commission.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Term of return: from 1 to 60 months, with the right of prolongation

  • The possibility of deferred payment: up to 30 days

  • We issue loans in UAH without reference to the dollar.

  • We do not interfere with the early repayment of your debt.

“ZARAZ” Credit Union is your confidence in every day!

Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev
The credit union temporarily does not provide services: farming and personal farming.


(0800)755-427 (Free Call)

from 9-00 to 17-00 | Mon-Fri

03039, Kyiv, Viktor Zabila st, 5, office 122

Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev

Secured cash loan

Loan secured by property

Any modern person may have situations when funds are needed urgently. In this situation, we may have several solutions. You can ask for help from friends. But such a decision will only indicate that you cannot correctly manage your money. You can also contact your relatives, but in this case, you will suggest to them that there are financial difficulties. For this reason, a secured loan remains as popular as possible in our country. This service is used daily by thousands of citizens. A loan secured by Kyiv remains a favorite way of lending. It allows you to provide everyone with the necessary amount of funds in the shortest possible time. At the same time, only a person who has movable or immovable property can make money on bail. To issue funds, you need to have:

  • House;
  • A car;
  • Art objects or decorations.

Excellent option

Today’s citizens are well aware of how important lending plays an essential role in ensuring success. Money on bail may be required to purchase an apartment, in the process of buying a car or getting an education. You need to contact a company that is ready to help you materially for the realization of a specific goal. A fast, secured loan remains the best solution for young people who are just starting adulthood.

Any citizen can receive funds. He only needs to meet several requirements. A loan secured in Kyiv is possible if the mortgaged property has high liquidity. It means that the property provided must, if necessary, be quickly sold to recover the debt. Usually, banking organizations are willing to offer money on bail. But it is worth considering that financial organizations typically prefer to deal with real estate or vehicles. If you decide to take a loan on the security of jewelry or objects of art, then not all banks will be able to offer such services to you. The reason for this is the difficulties that may arise with the implementation of unique jewelry.

It is worth knowing in advance what interest rate you can offer in various financial institutions. A loan secured by Kyiv would be most beneficial if real estate presented as property. In this case, the interest rate will be minimal. The credit will constitute a mortgage, even if the amount you plan to use for purposes other than the purchase of housing. Often, entrepreneurs use the money on bail precisely according to this formula, because with obtaining a targeted loan for the development of a company, various difficulties may arise. Also, the interest rate, in this case, will be higher than the mortgage on bail.

Money on the security, credit on the security, credit on the security Kiev

Secured loan

Main features

If you need a loan secured by Kyiv, then it is enough to contact the specialists who will be able to offer you the most favorable conditions. D that no one will not offer you a large sum of money. Formerly view of this, bail money remains the best solution for a person who wants to make an expensive purchase or open his own business. If you have an apartment or a house, then there will be no problems with obtaining a large sum of money.

A loan secured involves the collection of necessary documentation. tIn addition, only an adult citizen, can receive money. The upper limit of the age category, which can get a loan secured by Kyiv, is usually at the level of 60 years. Funds can obtain through a passport and documentation that confirms your right to own property. Additional documents may be statements of income or photos of your real estate, car. You can get money on bail not only in the bank but also in a third-party company. In this case, funds will receive as quickly as possible. You need to evaluate the proposals of institutions that offer a loan secured by everyone.

The deadline for receiving the amount can also play an important role. Do not forget that many modern financial institutions are ready to issue a loan on the security of Kyiv only after a long consideration of the proposal. However, specialized companies do not require much of your time. In this case, you will receive bail money on the very day that you applied for them. This mode of operation is very convenient if you need to receive funds right now.

Experts who serve in banks are not so loyal in terms of the limit of the loan amount. When the contract is drawn up and signed, you can get a loan secured in cash or on an account.

Secured loan in Kyiv

The loan requirements

Today, many companies are engaged in lending. You can take a loan secured by Kyiv for improper use of funds or achieve a specific goal. If you make a loan without reports of waste, the amount will be less. Therefore, the bail money is usually taken to achieve specific goals. In this case, your chances of receiving a large amount will be higher, and the interest rate as low as possible. Today, bail loans offered by companies that specialize in microloans. Their offer usually has a high-interest rate, since, unlike banks, they face higher risks.

It does not matter for what purposes you will use a loan secured by Kyiv. While you pay the loan, you can not worry about anything. But in the case of malicious defaulters, the result is always the same – the confiscation of real estate or cars. If only a few payments are overdue, the company that issued the money on bail can take advantage of softer measures. In this case, you will face penalties and fines. But when a person deliberately evades his obligations, he may even face criminal liability. Also, a secured loan may imply several additional conditions, the non-fulfillment of which can lead to fines and high interest. For this reason, getting a loan secured by Kyiv, you should carefully read the content of the documents that you offer for signature. If funds receive for building a house, financial companies often require a report on spending.

Thus, the bail money is relatively easy to get. But to carry out this procedure, you need to have collateral, which is the essential requirement. This event is almost not associated with risks. A loan secured allows you to quickly get the required amount to everyone who has liquid property. Similar crediting differs in the most attractive interest rates. If you want to get favorable credit terms, it is enough to use the help of a company that has been helping its customers for many years. A loan secured by Kyiv, in this case, will be the most affordable for you. All you need to do is to provide a minimum package of documents and wait for permission to receive funds.