Profitable Deposits


up to 17%

per annum


up to 24 month

with prolongation

  • You can withdraw and replenish the deposit without losing interest
  • You can attach the deposit amount to foreign currencies

  • You know in what loan and on the security of what your money works

  • The cost of capital real estate in a mortgage is more than 2 times the value of deposits

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With monthly interest payment %With quarterly interest payment %
3 months.15%
6 months.11%10%
9 months.12%11%
13 months.15% *13.5%14.5%
18 months.16%
24 months.17%

* — partial withdrawal up to 30% is allowed without loss of accrued interest. Deposit replenishment without limits.

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts taking into account currency risks
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %
6 months.3%
13 months.5%
Profitable Deposits

Deposits are used for loans secured by capital real estate.
And only a mortgage can reliably protect deposits from any fluctuations and crises.
The value of real estate pledged exceeds more than 2 times from the value of deposits.

Profitable Deposits

How to make money on deposits?

Deposits are a convenient financial instrument, thanks to which every client can earn on deposits. At the same time, bank deposits are very diverse today, so when choosing the optimal option, it is necessary to carefully study all the advantages. An interesting offer may be a deposit with the possibility of replenishment. Sophisticated depositors tend to choose offers from banks where a high interest rate is provided. After that, they deposit a relatively small amount into the account, having “staked out” a deposit for themselves. Further, the account can be replenished at any time, if there is free money at hand.

This option is ideal for those customers who have enough time to look for interesting options and calculate the deposit. Instead of opening one large deposit, you can take several with the possibility of subsequent replenishment. How effective is such a strategy? It is used in order to receive bank deposits in banks that have recently reduced their rates. It is possible to open such deposits in Ukraine both in one financial institution and in several.

Deposit strategies on deposits

Today, a profitable deposit can not be found so often, so this strategy does not always work. Banks rarely offer convenient deposits with an extension. In addition, the rates on them are not as appetizing as in the case of an inviolable deposit. Even in the case when the bank allows deposits to be replenished, and also offers deposit interest, it usually sets a limit on the amount of maximum replenishment. On average, it does not exceed UAH 50,000 per month. A number of banks have completely refused to provide an opportunity to replenish their account to customers.

The huge advantage of this option is that the user will have a minimum of hassle to open a deposit. Credit Union deposits will allow you to receive a stable passive income, and to increase it, it is enough to periodically replenish your own account. At the same time, deposits in Ukraine are constantly changing, so it would not be the best solution to focus only on this strategy.

Credit unions highly value the trust of customers, so they offer their users interesting options for deposits. The amount and term of the deposit may affect the privileges that the client will eventually receive. If bank deposits are open for a long time and with a large amount, then the bank can offer:

  • an increased interest rate;
  • premium card;
  • personal service.

Long-term cooperation also brings a higher interest rate. If the deposit is extended after the completion of the contract, it will also be a plus for the client. Even an increase of 0.5 percent in the current conditions of the financial market looks like a very attractive offer.

Constant cooperation with the Credit Union provides customers with a favorable ground for negotiating more promising terms. At the same time, money for a deposit in Ukraine can be obtained not only in banking institutions. It is enough to choose a financial company that is always ready to offer favorable conditions for its clients. Our consultants have many years of experience, so they will be able to take into account your personal wishes and provide a deposit that fully corresponds to them. You can find all the necessary information on our website.

Profitable Deposits

* The main amount of the deposit is pegged to the US dollar rate.

Profitable Deposits