stored in real estate


up to 24%

per annum


3-24 month

with prolongation

  • You can withdraw and replenish the deposit without losing interest
  • You can attach the deposit amount to foreign currencies

  • You know in what loan and on the security of what your money works

  • The cost of capital real estate in a mortgage is more than 2 times the value of deposits

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With monthly interest payment %With quarterly interest payment %
3 months.9%
6 months.12%
9 months.20%15%16%
13 months.24% *17%21%
18 months.25%

* — partial withdrawal up to 30% is allowed without loss of accrued interest. Deposit replenishment without limits.

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts taking into account currency risks
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With quarterly interest payment %
9 months.10%
13 months.12%10%
18 months.14%

Deposits are used for loans secured by capital real estate.
And only a mortgage can reliably protect deposits from any fluctuations and crises.
The value of real estate pledged exceeds more than 2 times from the value of deposits.

Profitable deposits

There are many methods of investing savings. Each investor is looking for the most attractive investment conditions. It is important that the depositor be calm about the fate of his money and feel confident in the future. The most comfortable and safest investment method is to open a deposit. Deposits are intensively used in all countries of the world. Many domestic banking institutions can offer a profitable deposit at a large percentage. To find the best option, financiers recommend that depositors study the conditions in each particular bank and its scope of activity.

Deposits are:

  1. urgent;
  2. conditional;
  3. poste restante.

Term deposits – deposit for a short period of time.

Conditional – as a rule, are used by legal entities. Contribution under certain conditions.

Demand – a deposit with the ability to withdraw money at any time.

When applying carefully study all the subtleties and nuances of the contract. Take your time if you have questions regarding any items, ask the company’s financial expert.

How to open a deposit?

Investments ensure the safety of funds and increase income over a specific period of time. For investments to be profitable, you need to correctly draw up a deposit. First, study the offers of different companies and banks to choose the most profitable option. Then decide on the amount that you are willing to invest.

In order not to be disappointed in the result, as well as in the expected amount of interest, calculate in advance the amount of the deposit and its profitability. Ask an investment company clarifying questions on accrued interest and capitalization opportunities..

In addition, the data you need can be found on the official websites of banks and financial companies, as well as in branches and departments. Each company has its own requirements for investors and the conditions for concluding a contract. However, in any case, when concluding a transaction, you will need a passport with a registration mark, as well as a personal taxpayer number. The conclusion of the contract itself takes place in the operational departments of financial institutions. The contract is executed in writing in duplicate. Some financial companies have departments for individuals and legal entities.

However, inflation is difficult to predict, this must be considered when opening a deposit. At the very least, investing in deposits is more profitable than keeping savings, say, in a safe at home. There they will lose their purchasing value all the more.

What you need to consider when making a deposit

Before making a contribution, the investor must receive answers to questions regarding the conditions of the deposit:

  • Deposit term of deposit.
  • Interest rate on the deposit.
  • Monthly interest payments or payment at the end of the term?
  • Is it possible to withdraw part of the money while maintaining the accrued interest?
  • Can I replenish a deposit?
  • What will be the interest rate if the depositor requires early repayment of the deposit?

In addition, when making a deposit, the inflation rate must be taken into account. Due to the rise in the consumer basket, not all deposits are profitable investments. Sometimes the situation develops so that at the end of the deposit period, the amount resulting from the depreciation of money will reduce its purchasing power. This means that for the same money, you can buy less goods than before. If the deposit rate per year is 5%, inflation is 8%, then the investor will give the bank 3% simply for storing funds in the account. Therefore, do not open a deposit if the rate is below the level of expected inflation. Also, you should not trust a financial institution that does not offer depositor programs with favorable rates to depositors, since its task is to increase trusted funds.

On calculating interest rates

Different investment programs vary in interest rates. At the same time, choosing a deposit solely on a nominal basis of the interest rate is irrational. Take into account the scheme and conditions for charging funds. For example, a company may accrue interest once a month or at the end of the deposit period. Among other things, if the accrual is monthly, then interest can join the total amount or capitalize on yourself. Thus, the base amount for the next month will increase and interest will be accrued on interest. To compare deposits, calculate the final amounts that the company will return to you after the deadline, and only after that do the comparison.

Still think where to open a contribution?

Today, the most profitable type of investment is bank deposits. However, not all financial institutions are ready to guarantee the security of investments. Plus, you have to spend time to find the most profitable interest on deposits. But even after you find the most favorable deposit rates, there are no guarantees that the banking structure will not close together with the money of depositors. No institution is insured against bankruptcy. Before deciding where to open a deposit, you need to understand that for bank deposits are not the most convenient and favorable conditions for customers. For example, with respect to payments, there are some limits on time and interest rate accruals.

Advantages of deposits

The right investment will provide you with a solid profit, and also allow you to keep your own savings in complete safety. Deposits of individuals Kiev continue to enjoy high popularity. Among the CIS countries, such investment instruments remain the most common. In fact, every pensioner has deposits from individuals in Kiev. Apparently, in this case we see a habit that stretches back to the Soviet era, when deposits of individuals remained the only possible investment.

Profitable deposit for individuals

Some open an account for savings on new housing, using term deposits. People who recently got rid of stocks also open a deposit of individuals in Kiev to get an opportunity to earn money in a crisis period. If a person has rental property, then part of the funds that he intends to use to repair the object can be placed in a bank. Undoubtedly, the deposit of individuals will not be superfluous, because it will provide any person with a certain stable income. Until you choose a more suitable application for your funds, you should let them work for you themselves.

Each person has an individual income, but most citizens have investment opportunities. And profitable deposits in this case fit perfectly. Interest allows you to increase capital. If the amount of funds in the bank is large enough, a person gets the opportunity to secure a solid annual profit. In this case, a profitable deposit for individuals allows a person to leave work and live on interest. What is so attractive about deposits, why are they offered by each bank?

If you compare a profitable deposit for individuals with other options, you can easily notice a number of advantages that such offers have. To begin with, it is worth noting the availability of this tool. Today, individuals’ deposits remain the easiest way to invest money. If you want to create a deposit, it is enough to visit a suitable financial institution along with the amount that you want to put on a deposit of individuals in Kiev. You will also need a passport and tax number. Bank employees will be provided with a quick registration procedure, which will take you no more than 10 minutes. The presence of special knowledge for a person who decided to open a deposit of individuals Kiev is not required.

You can open deposits of individuals Kiev for a short period of time. Today, an account can be opened even for three month. If the deposit is on demand, then it will be completely deprived of minimum terms. Profit can be secured even with a deposit for several days.

You do not need to take courses or study specialized literature. Bank deposits of individuals in Kiev can be used by all:

  • Workers;
  • Office staff;
  • People of various professions.

To open an account, you can use any amount. You do not need to spend years in order to accumulate a decent amount of funds if you need deposits of individuals. Today, a deposit in a bank can be opened even with 25 dollars in your pocket. Such small savings are difficult to invest otherwise. If we take into account that today most people do not have average incomes, then they use banks to receive dividends.

Deposits of individuals

You can open deposits of individuals Kiev for a short period of time. Today, an account can be opened even for three month. If the deposit is on demand, then it will be completely deprived of minimum terms. Profit can be secured even with a deposit for several days.

A profitable deposit for individuals always remains liquid. You can close your account at any time if you urgently need funds. If you decide to purchase new appliances or furniture, just visit the bank to interrupt the deposit. There is a possibility that in this case the deposit of individuals will not bring you the desired amount of interest, but you can quickly get your money back. If the amount was large, it may take several days to close the account.

Refund in any situation

The bank always returns a profitable deposit for individuals. You will get solid payout guarantees. Non-refund can only be in a situation where the bank becomes bankrupt. But even in such a situation, your deposits are guaranteed by the state, so it will reimburse you the full amount of savings. Perhaps that is why the deposit of individuals in Kiev remains so popular in this difficult time. Deposits differ from investing in real estate in that as a result of operations, you can always return all invested funds. And the stock market or real estate can lead to the loss of even all your funds.

It must be remembered that a profitable deposit for individuals allows you to always be confident in the future. The situation that was in the 90s is hard to imagine today. But you always have the opportunity to diversify your assets. Do not forget that in the financial market today there are many different institutions that offer their services to customers. You can choose the most optimal conditions in order to open an account. A clear method of calculating interest will allow you to calculate profits in advance and focus on the most profitable option for you. If you need a profitable deposit for individuals, feel free to contact our company. Over many years of work in this area, we have managed to develop the most convenient methods.

On the site you will find accurate information about what benefits deposits offer you. Qualified staff can answer any questions. Only our company will be able to provide you with the opportunity to receive large percentages with 100 percent guarantee of the safety of savings. Thanks to the deposit, you will be able to secure a prosperous future for yourself, and money can be withdrawn at any time without any problems.

Profitable deposits can be used to store any amount for any period of time. If you have business trips, and you want to leave them for a summer vacation, then just open a bank account.


Deposits. The situation in our country is such that the national currency quickly depreciates. Keeping large amounts of money at home under the mattress was not only dangerous, but also not profitable. In a year you can lose almost thirty percent of their value.

We offer to open a deposit, the interest from which will cover all losses from inflation and bring you considerable income. Our company is a modern financial company with an impeccable reputation. We are well aware that we are not the only ones who provide such services. That is why we offer our customers the best conditions for cooperation.

Deposits you don’t need to worry about. Our company is an official organization that conducts its activities in Ukraine in accordance with all legislative standards. This means that all customer deposits are protected by the state.

Another indicator of our reliability can be considered an ever-growing number of customers who want to entrust their deposits to us. We have extensive experience in this field. Over the entire existence of the credit union, depositors have never had doubts about our reputation.

Unlike many organizations in this segment, we are not intermediaries between the bank and customers. This means that our company is fully responsible to its customers.

Deposit in UAH


Favorable conditions for cooperation. Before transferring deposits to any financial institution, all people are required to conduct a market analysis. We perfectly understand your doubts, since credit unions are a fairly new phenomenon in the market of our country. We stand out from our competitors in that:

  • We can offer more favorable deposit rates. We are well aware that the percentage of inflation is growing every day. That is why our customers can count on a high level of income.
  • Here you will find flexible terms of deposits. When replenishing or withdrawing funds, interest on deposits is not lost. Given the instability of the domestic economy, this is one of the most important factors.
  • Fast customer service speed. Our employees will be able to accept Kiev deposits in a very short time. No lengthy bureaucratic procedures, lengthy and tedious filling out of documents.
  • An individual approach to each investor. The company’s specialists will help you choose the most profitable deposit in hryvnia or foreign currency.

We offer the most open conditions for cooperation. No hidden fees, conditions or payments. On the site you can find the information you need, including the rating of deposits. Choose the most suitable option for you.

Deposits in foreign currency. Recently, a deposit in dollars or euros has become increasingly popular. There is nothing surprising. These monetary units are more stable and their rate does not jump, as is the case with our national currency. This allows you to more accurately determine future income. In addition, deposits in dollars can be considered more beneficial in relation to the national currency. If the hryvnia starts to fall, your income is growing.

Such contributions can also be beneficial for companies that work with foreign partners. You can constantly have foreign currency, which will bring you profit, and not just be stored in the account.

Deposit rates

Deposit rates

Deposit Options. Very often, our customers assume that a deposit can have only different terms and percentages. In fact, contributions may differ in other ways. Conventionally, they are divided into three more categories:

  • Urgent. One of the most popular options among our population. The interest on deposits is quite high, and the terms of the contract can be from three month. If you are saving for a major purchase, then why keep money at home if it can generate income.
  • With an unlimited period. The client opens an account, can withdraw part of the money without loss of interest and deposit an unlimited amount of funds. A good choice for a retirement deposit because deposit rates are very high.
  • Conditional. The most flexible option often used by small firms. Our company offers the best conditions for cooperation and an individual approach to each client. All the smallest details are discussed, a contract is drawn up taking into account the wishes and requirements of the client.

All three options have their advantages. If you have doubts about which account to open, our consultants will be happy to provide the necessary assistance..

Factors to Consider. Choosing the right conditions for cooperation on your own can be quite difficult. Our company is used to taking care of its customers. That is why we offer you any feasible help. On the site you can find a comparative table that will help you choose the duration of the deposit and the interest rate.

An important point can be considered the choice of currency. A dollar deposit can not always be considered the most profitable option. Do not forget that in many ways, fluctuations in the national currency are seasonal. If you choose the right time and term of the deposit, you can maximize your income or avoid material losses. Our consultants will help you choose the most suitable option. For each client, the best conditions are selected..

Profitable deposits

Deposits. The simplest and most reliable way of investing is deposits. Such a mechanism for making profit has been known since the sixteenth century and successfully operates on the territory of any country in the world. His idea is very simple. Opening deposits, depositors provide their capital to a financial institution, which manages the money at its discretion. The company makes money by investing capital in a profitable business or by issuing loans to other individuals. It is in this way that all banking institutions and our organization work. The only difference is the guarantees that we offer our customers.

Profitable and reliable deposits. According to many, profitable deposits differ only in high interest rates. In fact this is not true. There is nothing good in that you put your money at a huge percentage, but you can not get it back. A vivid example can be considered any financial pyramid, such as “MMM”. Contributions to such companies are the most risky option.

On the other hand, in our country there are a large number of banking institutions that are ready to offer reliable state guarantees. But in this case, deposit rates and your profit will be minimal. In addition, the financial situation in the country is too unreliable. To get your money back in case of bankruptcy, you will have to make a lot of effort and lose a lot of time.

We offer you a completely different approach to business. The capital of our company is provided not by the reserve fund, which is controlled by the state, but by real estate. Thus, we can manage all our resources and have great financial freedom. As a result, we are ready to offer high interest on deposits and guarantee the reliability of our customers’ deposits.

Deposits Kiev

Types of Deposits. All services of our company in this field can be divided into several large categories. Like any other financial institution, we offer several deposit options that differ in their terms. Any of them are provided by real estate, but they are different:

  • The term of the investment. In this case, deposits Kiev may be urgent and on demand. In the first case, you determine how much time your funds will be at the disposal of our organization. The longer, the higher the interest rate. In the second case, you can take your money at any time.
  • The term of the investment. In this case, deposits Kiev may be urgent and on demand. In the first case, you determine how much time your funds will be at the disposal of our organization. The longer, the higher the interest rate. In the second case, you can take your money at any time.

In any case, we offer the highest deposit rates. In addition, each client will appreciate the flexible terms of cooperation. You can choose not only the term and conditions of use of the deposit, but also the currency in which it will be stored.

The best option in terms of profit and reliability. Before anyone who wants to invest their money, there is a serious choice. You can open a deposit in dollars, national currency or precious metals. The latter option is popular among people who can manage really big capital.

Deposits in dollars have recently become increasingly popular. Traditionally, they are considered the most reliable. Their stability is guaranteed by the currency itself. Despite the fact that the interest rate is lower, you can not be afraid of inflation. This means that the financial stability of the country will not affect your contribution. A dollar deposit is a good choice for long-term investment with stringent withdrawal conditions. A good choice for those who have a large amount. If you are sure that you will not need the funds in the near future, you can get the maximum profit with such a contribution.

A deposit in hryvnia is traditionally the most popular choice for middle-income people. A higher interest rate allows you to maximize returns on short-term investments, but you should consider the impact of inflation. Recently, the national currency has remained quite stable, so the popularity of such investments is growing.

Deposit rating

How to choose the right deposit. There are several factors to consider. The most important, many consider interest on deposits, which is quite logical. But you should also pay attention to the conditions for calculating interest, the duration of the deposit and the possibility of withdrawing money.

Of course, you can find the rating of deposits, but the criteria are too individual. If you decide to contact us, our specialists will select the best option for you based on your requirements and wishes.

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