up to 19,5%

per annum


up to 18 month

with prolongation

  • You can withdraw and replenish the deposit without losing interest
  • You can attach the deposit amount to foreign currencies

  • You know in what loan and on the security of what your money works

  • The cost of capital real estate in a mortgage is more than 2 times the value of deposits

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With monthly interest payment %With quarterly interest payment %
3 months.14%
6 months.15%13%
9 months.16%15%
13 months.18,5% *16%17,5%
18 months.19,5%

* — partial withdrawal up to 30% is allowed without loss of accrued interest. Deposit replenishment without limits.

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts taking into account currency risks
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With quarterly interest payment %
6 months.5%
13 months.10%9%
18 months.12%
Deposits rating

The best credit unions and banks in Ukraine for deposits

Quite a few Ukrainians have lost confidence in the reliability of banking institutions in recent years, which was facilitated by the collapse of the largest financial structures and the difficulty in returning funds to their depositors. At the same time, today the situation in the financial sector has stabilized somewhat, which makes it possible to again obtain favorable conditions for lending or opening deposits. The rating of deposits in credit unions will be the first parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing an institution for a deposit.

Where to open a deposit?

A person with savings always wants to increase them. At the same time, no one wants to risk their own well-being and state in vain. Therefore, choosing a reliable bank becomes a difficult task, in solving which you have to consider a variety of parameters. Residents of the EU are seriously lucky in this regard, since they only need to assess the conditions in various financial structures. The stability of the banking system of Western and Central Europe is beyond doubt, which cannot be said about Ukrainian banks. The deposit rating allows you to study in detail the possible options for investing funds and figure out which of the options is better to use to receive dividends.

Bank investments have several valuable advantages:

  • the ability to constantly receive income and save funds from inflationary risks;
  • availability of state guarantees for amounts up to UAH 200,000;
  • use of any currencies to open a deposit.

The rating of bank deposits will help those who come across the use of such instruments for the first time. By comparing the interest rates set by different banks, you can find an option for making a solid profit. It is also recommended to pay attention to other conditions under which bank deposits work. For example, under a contract, a client may not be able to withdraw money early. The rating of bank deposits can either include replenishment of the account after opening a deposit, or exclude this possibility. It is important to remember that the best conditions for depositors can be obtained only if the conditions for opening a deposit are rather strict.

Terms of opening a deposit

The rating of deposits allows customers to figure out for how long the bank offers to open a deposit. Most often, the duration of cooperation is in the range of 1-24 months. There are also longer-term deposits, but they should be used only if the conditions are really favorable. The rating of deposits in credit unions is constantly updated, which allows each person to receive up-to-date information on opening a deposit before contacting the CU. Replenishment of the deposit allows you to seriously increase the profitability of the deposit, but usually such conditions are available when the interest rate is reduced. Perpetual deposits have a low rate, so they are poorly suited to maximize profits.

The deposit rating will help you find a banking institution where it will be most profitable to open a deposit. It is better to provide for the possibility of early termination of the agreement in the agreement, since not all banks can offer such an option. It allows you to protect yourself somewhat, although it leads to a slight decrease in the interest rate. The rating of deposits in credit unions should be looked for on a specialized site to get the most complete information. Our specialists have many years of experience, so they will be able to offer you the most favorable conditions for cooperation. The rating of bank deposits will make investments even safer and more productive.

Deposits rating