Loan for any purpose
Benefits of lending in ZaRaZ

A preliminary decision is made online in 15 minutes

Provided in cash or by card

Registration and delivery in 1 day

Terms of consumer credit
Consumer loans are provided for any purpose, including:

Buying a car

Purchase of audio, video and household appliances

Purchase of real estate: apartments, houses, land, non-residential premises

For repair or construction

Other goals

Get your money in 4 steps

Order a loan

Get a preliminary decision

Signing a contract at the office

Receiving the money

Apply for a loan now

Preliminary decision in 15 minutes

Up to 2,000,000 UAH

Absolutely transparent conditions

Why choose us?
Loan for any purpose

We are an officially registered financial company and have been working steadily for over 10 years.

On the financial market of Ukraine – 10 years of fruitful work. For us, 10 years mean: reliability, stability, openness, prudence and professionalism. In particular, our many years’ journey and accumulated experience have allowed us to take care of others and do charity work.
CU “ZARAZ” helped many to open their own business, become happy homeowners, but all the years it reliably retains the value of depositors’ funds.

Since 2012, according to the results of an independent audit, CU “ZARaZ” has repeatedly become the leader of the year in its field, which is confirmed by certificates.

Loan for any purpose

The ability to repay the loan in a convenient way

  • Pay via the Internet from a card of any bank;
  • Make a payment at a branch of any bank;
  • Make a payment at the ZaRaZ office;
  • Transfer money to the account using the details;
  • Pay online.

Everyone can experience financial difficulties. In such a situation, money loans are often saved. There are several types of them, but we will discuss cash loans.

“Cash loan” … how often you hear this phrase! What kind of service is this and what are its features? Each individual can apply to the bank to arrange this service for any purpose.

For what purposes can a consumer loan be issued?

  • realization of personal plans: a loan for a car, purchase of real estate, transport, repairs, travel;
  • making a purchase now, so as not to wait until funds are accumulated;
  • investing money in business development;
  • for on-lending in another bank.

If you have never encountered loans before, then the loan is repaid with equal monthly payments. Thus, the burden on the family budget is reduced.

Loan for any purpose |

Banking institutions offer their clients many options for cash loans.

What are the lending conditions?

  • Drawing up a contract. Basic requirements: interest rate and maturity. The interest rate has low and high thresholds – the final amount is determined based on your ability to pay. The loan term can be different.
  • Sum. This is money that the client borrows from the bank. The amount varies depending on your needs and the size of the official salary.
  • Requirements. It is a guarantor, a clean credit history and a stable source of income.
  • Documentation. Certificate of income from the official place of work, passport, application.

The most popular are loans for an apartment and business.

Added to the above requirements:

  • Client’s age from 18 years.
  • Possible loan amount from UAH 10 thousand. up to UAH 2 million
  • The procedure is completed in 1 day.
  • The client must be a citizen of Ukraine and reside on its territory.
  • Loan maturity up to 60 months. with the possibility of a delay of 30 days.

How to get a cash loan? For what purposes is a consumer loan provided?

It is not difficult to get a cash loan, the main thing is to choose the most optimal banking institution, which provides favorable conditions for cooperation. The specialist of the institution will always tell you which offer will be the most profitable for you.

Benefits of lending in financial institutions (

  • Maximum comfort. Save your own time and effort – you can find out the solution over the phone and online. A preliminary decision is made online within 15 minutes.
  • Honesty. The bank provides a fixed rate, without amending the agreement.
  • If you plan to take a cash loan not exceeding UAH 50,000, you only need a passport and an identification code.
  • The procedure is drawn up in 1 day, on the same day, credit money is issued.
  • Reliability and safety. This is the most optimal institution for obtaining a loan for real estate or other purposes.
  • The ability to independently choose the maturity date based on your financial capabilities.
  • Protection and insurance.
  • Convenience and efficiency.

How to repay a consumer loan?

You can repay a loan in several ways: through the bank’s cash desk, through the terminal, through your personal account. By repaying the loan in cash, the institution provides its clients with favorable terms of cooperation. It is recommended to close the loan in equal monthly installments in the same currency in which the loan was taken. If you need a loan for equipment, real estate or transport – take advantage of the advantageous offer – it’s convenient!