Payment Methods:

1. At the cash desk of the Credit Union “ZaRaZ” at the address: Kiev, st. Victor Zabili d. 5 of. 122. The cash desk works according to the current schedule.

2. Payment by details via the Internet or at the cash desk of any bank.

Payment Details:

R/s in IBAN format
МФО: 300528
EDRPOU: 37716197
Recipient: Credit Union “ZaRaZ”

R/s in IBAN format
№UA30 380634 00000 26505035704001
EDRPOU: 37716197
MFO 380634
Recipient: Credit Union “ZaRaZ”

  • To pay via the Internet, enter your personal online account of Internet banking, go to the “Payment by details” section. Next, you need to fill in the details of CS “ZaRaZ” in the appropriate fields, indicate the amount and make the payment.
  • To pay through the bank’s cash desk: provide the details to the employee. Print details.

3. With the help of the payment system only in Ukraine.

Follow this link: click here, fill in the appropriate fields and complete the payment.

Using this method, you can make a payment of 10.000 UAH from one card in 1 day.

Commission of 2.5% of the payment amount is charged at the expense of the payer.

Please note that the funds will be credited to the account of CS “ZaRaZ” in accordance with the banking regulations within 3 working days.