The amount of income on placement in mortgage loans depends on the level risk transactions, prices in the market for private loans, currency lending and more.

The risk level of a transaction directly affects the price. Naturally, the more risky the transaction, the higher the percentage. And on the contrary, if the transaction does not entail any visible risks and the coverage is two or more multiple, then the price of the loan will naturally be low. After all, it was no accident that without collateral loans they have an interest rate five or more times higher than a collateral loan. And everything is explained only by the fact that risk loan default without secured loans is very large.

Prices for loans secured by real estate on the Ukrainian market range from 1.5% to 5% per month. This wealth depends on the currency of the loan and the financial stability of financial institutions. Today, the banking system practically does not lend to the population. In this regard, the price of private loans increased to 3.5% in US dollars and up to 5% in hryvnias.

In addition to these factors, the price may also be affected by the location of the collateral, the reliability of the borrower, the political situation, etc. With the help of professionals, you can learn about the object and its features everything that can affect the adoption of the right decision.