Holders of savings and free cash!


Where is it profitable to invest money?

With the advent of free funds, many rational people are looking for options – how to increase money? In the conditions of such an unstable economy, many are afraid to give money at interest to the bank, since they do not receive any collateral or reliable guarantees. The question arises:

Where better to invest?

CS “ZARAZ” is a financial cooperative that creates all possible conditions so that we “meet” and find answers to their questions both those who want to take a loan and those who want to lend money. That is, we maintain the main essence of the credit union – mutual lending between individuals.

For owners of free cash, we offer to act as a creditor and receive an income of 2 to 6% per month. In this case, the collateral for the loan will be the capital’s real estate. Invested money on credit secured by real estate is the safest type of investment, which provides a stable and high income. Nothing, no bank deposit, no games on the foreign exchange and exchange markets, no investment in precious metals, etc. can not be compared with the ratio of yield to security loans secured by real estate.

If you decide to lend yourself, then COP “ZARAZ” invites you to cooperate. Our services:

  • consultation of future lenders and borrowers;
  • selection of borrowers and collateral objects that will guarantee a refund;
  • assessment of the borrower’s creditworthiness and description of possible risks
  • analysis of a package of documents, monitoring of a pledge object;
  • legal support in issuing a loan;
  • sale of collateral in case of no loan repayment;
  • credit support until the full repayment of the loan;
  • complete privacy.
Where to begin?

First of all, you need to calculate all the possible risks of this investment. To do this, we can help you with a consultation. After you understand that lending secured by real estate in the capital is the MOST SAFE AND FAVORABLE type of investment, you need to contact a credit union specialist and leave a request indicating the amount and term for which you are ready to lend, as well as your requirements to the collateral object.

Upon receipt of an application from a borrower with parameters that satisfy you, a credit union specialist will contact you and provide all the necessary information for you to make a decision.

After your consent, a loan agreement and a mortgage agreement are concluded with the borrower.

Further, at your request, the SC “ZARAZ” will conduct ongoing legal and financial monitoring of the transaction until the loan is fully repaid.

For beginners, KS has developed a training course on investing in real estate, which is conducted both in a group format and in an individual one.

Where to invest

Lending. Lending in our country is a rather interesting process. Banks, as the main players in the market and actually monopolists, can offer any conditions for their customers. Taking advantage of the fact that you need a large amount of money, the maximum percentage is wound up, you need to collect a considerable number of documents and collateral property. We offer you a fundamentally different approach to this process. Our company is a profitable platform for cooperation between the lender or the borrower.

Invest money

What exactly do we offer. When a person has a sufficiently large amount of free money, he thinks about how to make profit from them. Investing in various projects, large companies or joint-stock companies in our country is not the most profitable option. First of all, you need to have a large amount of money. In addition, this market is quite closed and confusing.

We offer you a fundamentally different way of making a profit. If you are thinking where to invest, then become a lender. This solution has several significant advantages:

  • Investing in almost any amount of money. Ordinary people become borrowers who may need even the smallest amount. You can get your money with interest accrued on them.
  • Reliability of the transaction. Investing money is always a risk, but if you decide to cooperate with us, you can be sure of their safety. All loans are secured by real estate, which is the best option for collateral.
  • Individual assistance to each client. If you are thinking about where to invest money, you may have a large number of questions. Our experts will be happy to answer each of them..

In short, we offer the lender and the borrower to cooperate without the intermediary of the bank. These are favorable conditions for both parties, since you will receive a large profit, and the loaned person will have more favorable conditions.

Investment companies

Investment companies

How to conduct business. If you don’t know where to invest, you should take the help of professional consultants. If you decide to start your business with us, then you only need to indicate the desired terms of the transaction. Further, our experts will select some of the most suitable options. Please note that the last word is always yours. You yourself choose what to invest in. Our experts answer your questions and only advise without imposing your opinion.

Many investment companies simply take the money of their clients without informing them where they will be invested. We offer you informational assistance and a list of suitable borrowers. In addition, you can trust us:

  • solve all legal issues;
  • control payments by the borrower until the loan is fully repaid.

If you still have doubts about where it is profitable to invest, we will be happy to find the best options for you.

Money should work and be profitable, and not just lie at home. If you are used to making decisions yourself, then our credit union is exactly what you need. Our activities are distinguished by the most open conditions for cooperation, a wide selection of borrowers, monitoring compliance with obligations and assistance from professional consultants. Self-investment is always associated with great risks. Especially for those who do not have the necessary knowledge and experience. Turning to us, you can be sure that you have made the right decision.

Private investment

Where to invest the money. Modern realities are such that it is unprofitable to keep personal funds at home. High inflation quickly depreciates money if it is not invested in any business. The most traditional option can be considered a bank deposit, but it is not the most reliable. Where to invest is a question that arises for everyone who has been able to save a certain amount of money. Many investment companies will be happy to dispose of your funds, leaving most of the profits to themselves, but our organization offers a completely different approach to business..

Top Deposit Options. Private investment is one of the most risky businesses. Many believe that it is almost impossible to independently manage their funds so that they bring the necessary income. To do this, you need to have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience in the financial sector. There is another option. You can entrust capital to a professional broker, but such a decision in our country is too risky.

We offer you a profitable alternative. Our company is a platform where the lender and the borrower can agree among themselves. You can independently determine where to invest money, or trust the advice of our professionals. The advantages of this solution are obvious.:

  • you personally control your funds and monitor their use;
  • our specialists perform additional monitoring of the situation to avoid delays in payments.;
  • you get a reliable outpost for your capital.

It is also important that this type of investment does not require you to have a large start-up capital..

Where to invest money

What we offer to our customers. Our company is not just a bank type intermediary. Such financial institutions offer you to give your money at a fairly low percentage, and then invest it at your discretion, leaving most of the profit for yourself.

Our company operates in a completely different way. Turning to us, you can find out where to invest the money. The client has the right to independently determine how he should manage the capital. Our professional staff will be able to:

  • Provide all the information you need. You will receive not only legal or financial assistance, but also a list of people who need your funds. This means that you yourself decide what to invest in..
  • Properly conduct a risk assessment. Our employees are high-class professionals who can choose the best investment schemes based on the ratio of their reliability and profitability.

Investing money can bring you a stable and constant profit, but only if it is done correctly. Nowadays, there are a huge number of possibilities, ranging from bank deposits to trading on cryptocurrency markets. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Only here you can find the best ratio of deposit reliability to profit margin.

What to invest in

The mechanism of cooperation. First of all, we recommend evaluating the offer of our company. It is known that the most reliable investment is real estate. Risks in this area are minimal, and profits can be really very large. We offer you to lend to other people on the security of real estate. This is the best answer to the question of where it is profitable to invest money.

You are required to come to our office, get advice and choose a borrower to whom you will entrust your funds. For our part, we guarantee legal support and competent advice.