If you decide to invest your savings in a secured loan, you, first of all, need to accept the fact that, observing not complicated financial and legal security rules, the risks of secured lending are reduced to zero.

To describe all the possible risks – it is necessary to write a book. Consider a few of them:

  • Fraud risk. The main risks are, of course, all kinds of scammers and scammers. Unfortunately, as long as the world exists, there are so many who want to make money quickly and simply. But the modern lending market already has tremendous experience in dealing with fraud. For this, there are many different databases, notarial services, insurance, etc. If you wish, you can get all the information about the borrower, as well as the entire history of the existence of the collateral.
  • Overvaluation risk. When lending, an objective assessment of the collateral is required so that you do not have to issue a loan for the amount of the purchase of the collateral. Very often there is a situation in which the owner of the pledge (either knowingly or not) tries to get such an amount for the pledge, in which he would not be sorry to part with it. That is – the borrower is trying to sell the collateral. Such “math” is not beneficial for the creditor, therefore a real assessment is needed, taking into account possible fluctuations in the market.
  • The risk of collateral . In case of non-repayment of the loan, there is a risk of long and exhausting lawsuits with the sale of collateral. This may be a registration at the address of the pledge. Or filing all kinds of (usually technical and useless) lawsuits. But with the right approach, all such attempts to prevent the sale of property will only lead to a delay of a maximum of 4-5 months.

It may also be the risks associated with registration at the address of the pledge, with the loss of the value of the pledge, and others.

But all these and not specified risks in the field of secured lending are eliminated and reduced to zero with the help of clear and trouble-free anti-risk actions that work with a 100% guarantee.

Therefore, we invite you to cooperation. To get started, you can get a private consultation in our COP “ZARAZ”.