up to 19,5%

per annum


up to 18 month

with prolongation

  • You can withdraw and replenish the deposit without losing interest
  • You can attach the deposit amount to foreign currencies

  • You know in what loan and on the security of what your money works

  • The cost of capital real estate in a mortgage is more than 2 times the value of deposits

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With monthly interest payment %With quarterly interest payment %
3 months.14%
6 months.15%13%
9 months.16%15%
13 months.18,5% *16%17,5%
18 months.19,5%

* — partial withdrawal up to 30% is allowed without loss of accrued interest. Deposit replenishment without limits.

Annual interest rates for “ZaRaZ” members on deposit accounts taking into account currency risks
Duration (months)With interest payment at the end of the term %With quarterly interest payment %
6 months.5%
13 months.10%9%
18 months.12%

What is a deposit and how does it work?

A deposit is called a reliable and convenient way to preserve your own assets and receive a stable income. In this case, assets are considered money, precious metals or securities. Funds in hryvnia for a deposit can be received immediately after the conclusion of an appropriate agreement with the bank. According to its terms, the bank accepts for storage and undertakes to return the funds received. In addition, he pays interest for the use of the funds provided. The interest rate begins to accrue from the moment the funds are deposited into the account. Deposits, unless otherwise agreed, cannot be withdrawn from the bank before the expiration of the agreed period. Early termination of the contract can lead to loss of interest, which is disadvantageous for clients.

Interest rates on deposits in Ukraine

The hryvnia deposit remains one of the most popular financial instruments that many banks offer their clients. This allows you to find exactly the financial institution, the conditions for opening a deposit in which will be the most profitable. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the proposed interest rates, which can vary greatly depending on the term of the deposit, as well as the currency in which the account is opened. The yield depends largely on the interest rate. This means that it can be increased by opening a deposit in UAH with the possibility of replenishing it. At the same time, practice shows that the most favorable conditions for opening deposits are set for those offers of banks, which do not provide for the possibility of subsequent replenishment.

When opening a deposit, pay attention not to its currency. Most often, banks offer to open a deposit in the following currencies:

  • in hryvnia;
  • in dollars;
  • In Euro.

Funds in hryvnia for a deposit remain the most profitable solution. The reason lies in the high interest rates that establishments set to attract new customers. In dollar or euro equivalents, the interest rate is not high, but inflationary risks will also be minimal. Pay attention to the fact that some deposits can be intended only for individuals, while others – for individuals and legal entities.

It is recommended to open a hryvnia deposit only if you are confident in the reliability of a financial institution. To do this, you should study the bank’s stability rating, information about which is constantly updated. When drawing up an agreement with the bank, it is necessary to clarify whether the institution has the right to change the interest rate during the period of cooperation. Many banks have switched to the practice of adjusting interest rates in accordance with the current market conditions. In this case, the interest rate can both increase and significantly sink, so this clause of the contract is not suitable for everyone.

Special attention is required to itself and the provision of the agreement regarding the return of funds from the deposit. Usually, a similar procedure is carried out after the expiration of the term of the deposit. At the same time, funds in hryvnia can be deposited under a variety of conditions. The bank can return funds unilaterally or leave them on the client’s account. In the latter case, interest is terminated after the expiration of the term of the deposit. An alternative option is to extend the deposit immediately after its expiration with a minimum interest rate. Such a deposit in hryvnia can be withdrawn at any time, and the interest rate on it will be set in a symbolic amount.

If you have long wanted to start making money on your own savings, then we are always ready to help with this. You can open a hryvnia deposit in various banks, for which you need to carefully study the proposals of financial institutions. Our consultants have many years of experience, so they will help each client find the most attractive conditions for themselves. A profitable UAH deposit will provide you with additional income, which does not require additional efforts.