Deposit of individuals in Kiev

Issues related to personal savings require increased attention from the owner. For this reason, the search for a bank in which an interest rate on deposits of individuals will be made becomes a real test of our nervous system for strength. The deposit of individuals in Kiev should not only be profitable from the point of view of the interest rate, but also completely safe, since no one wants to risk the deposit. In order not to find yourself in a difficult situation, it is necessary to:

  • evaluate all important factors;
  • to study in detail the current state of the market;
  • to familiarize yourself with the terms of the deposit;
  • understand the risks and their probabilities;
  • evaluate the proposed interest rate.

When choosing deposits from individuals, one should not forget about such parameters as the reputation of a financial institution and the level of its reliability. Before lending, it is necessary to evaluate the feedback on the work of a financial institution, as well as its tariff plan for customer service. Even the location of a branch can play a significant role when choosing between two institutions with equal conditions.

Profitable deposits for individuals can be obtained only if the capitalization of the institution is analyzed. Be sure to look at what place a financial institution occupies in the rating.

Rating of international agencies

This parameter is one of the most important and reliable among those that are available to every user. To reduce risks, a place in the rating of international agencies should be high enough, as experts assess the solvency and general condition of the institution. If the rating is lower or falls several quarters in a row, then this indicates an increase in risks and makes the bank unprofitable for cooperation.

It is also worth paying attention to whether a financial institution is a member of the deposit guarantee fund. It is better to get deposits from individuals in the institution that took care of joining the fund. Credit unions will be able to join the fund from 2024. Now the NBU is considering all possible options for cooperation between the CS and the FGV. As a result, users of the services of a financial institution will have no doubt that they will be able to return their funds in case of any problems in the work of the bank. At the same time, it should be remembered that the deposit guarantee amount cannot exceed UAH 200,000, for banks. If the amount exceeds the specified limit, it is better to open a deposit in a bank with foreign capital. An alternative option would be to place a deposit of individuals in several banks at once in order to be able to return each of the small deposits.

Profitable deposits of individuals in euros also depend on the client’s ability to study the bank’s financial statements before using its services. Among the main parameters that will interest us first of all, we can single out the assets of the bank, as well as the amount of profit that it has. A profitable contribution for individuals can be provided by an institution in which the number of assets has increased significantly recently, which is a symbol of positive dynamics. If assets are reduced or the bank is operating at a loss, then its reliability will be in question.

In the process of searching for a bank or credit union, you should not ignore additional information. Reliable interest rates on deposits of individuals can be recommended by friends. Of course, reviews are not the most valuable factor, but it is better to clarify their opinion about a particular institution if friends have experience working with it. A profitable deposit for individuals can be obtained by carefully studying the information, including that relating to the financial condition of the institution. Our specialists are always ready to offer you their services and help you choose a deposit that brings passive income and will save you from losing personal savings.

Individual deposits in Kiev