How to find profitable deposit rates in foreign currency?

After a long period of turbulence, the Ukrainian financial system is again showing steady growth, so interest rates on deposits in Ukrainian dollars look interesting for a potential depositor. It must be remembered that such deposits are always issued at a lower interest rate when compared with a hryvnia deposit. The reason is that a dollar deposit is used to save funds from inflationary processes, while hryvnia deposits are more suitable for earning, but differ in higher risks.

Deposits in Kiev dollars are a good source for additional income. Each person has certain goals, which often require a stable financial basis to achieve. Additional earnings, which does not require any effort from you, should definitely be studied more carefully. This is exactly what an investment in the form of a deposit is, which every adult citizen can open.

Interest rates on deposits in foreign currency

Dollar deposit rates may differ significantly depending on which bank was selected to open an account. Financial institutions are constantly changing their deposit programs, but it will not be difficult to find an option that meets your wishes. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the interest rate that the bank pays for the use of the client’s funds during the term of the agreement.

Deposit rates in foreign currency today range from up to 6 percent. Large banks often lower interest rates because their services are already in demand due to high stability. At the same time, a low interest rate is not a natural sign of the reliability of a financial institution. It may indicate that the institution does not need to actively use this tool. For this reason, the rates on deposits in Ukrainian dollars need to be studied carefully, but you should not rely on them entirely. Other important parameters are:

The term of the deposit placement. This indicator indicates how long it is possible to open a deposit in the bank. Usually the minimum term starts from 3 months. The longer the terms specified in the agreement, the higher the percentage can be expected on the deposit. Dollar deposits can be opened for 3-12 months.

Early termination of the contract. Deposits in Kiev dollars may involve termination of the agreement with the bank before the expiration date. If such a clause is not spelled out in the agreement, the depositor will not be able to withdraw money before the end of the contract.

The frequency of interest accrual. The interest rate can be accrued monthly or at the end of the deposit.

Deposits in Kiev dollars today differ in moderate rates, but this does not make them less attractive to a wide audience of customers. Just use the calculator and calculate the possible profit when opening a deposit in a particular bank. If it meets your expectations, then feel free to open an account and get favorable deposit rates in foreign currency. Otherwise, you can always use hryvnia deposits.

The key point is reliability, so do not be lazy and study its reports, as well as information from international agencies about the state of the financial structure. We will always help you choose a deposit program (deposit rates in dollars) that will make opening a deposit a profitable solution for you. The Credit Union accepts deposits to deposit accounts only in the national currency of Ukraine at a time, it is possible to place a deposit taking into account currency risks.

Deposit rates in dollars