Where is the best place to invest in Ukraine

Reliable deposits

When a person has free finances, the question arises, where is it better to invest money? If the investment market is well developed in other countries, everyone can buy bonds, company shares, invest in interesting projects, then this area requires a lot of money and is closed to the public. Zaraz Credit Union is trying to change this situation. He is looking for borrowers and depositors, and helps to establish cooperation.

What is the fundamental difference from a deposit in a bank

Many people today are wondering where it is better to invest money at interest. The problem is that conditions are offered that do not always suit the depositor, low interest is paid without the possibility of depositing or withdrawing money at any moment.

For example, a client brings money to the bank for storage at 10% per annum. The bank, in turn, gives this money on loan secured by real estate at 22% per annum. Thus, the bank takes most of the profit for itself, and compensates the depositor only a small amount. At the same time, the question of what is better to invest money in in 2021 and which bank is better to invest money in in Ukraine becomes rhetorical, given the fact that they offer approximately the same conditions, and this is a choice without a choice.

The question of where it is better to invest the currency assumes that a person will know what needs his money has gone to, which project he has become an investor in. Banks do not provide such information.

Credit Union “Zaraz” considers such conditions unfair. He developed a special algorithm when investments take place without a bank. Such cooperation involves the following stages:

  • you decide how much you want to invest;
  • you are offered several projects to choose from;
  • decide what is better to invest money in in Ukraine;
  • you conclude a contract.

Lending is secured by real estate in Kiev. As a rule, a person does not want to lose it, so he does everything possible to repay the loan on time. If there is no such possibility, then it is put up for sale, and the depositor receives his money with interest.

If the transaction is successful, you can continue cooperation or choose another borrower. Unlike most banks, you can deposit more money at any time, then the profit will be greater. Having decided where it is better to invest money to make a profit, you can start making deposits in a currency that is convenient for you (hryvnia and dollars).

Today, the question of where it is better to invest money to earn in Ukraine is becoming more relevant for individuals, since you can invest even a small amount. If earlier the amount of the deposit was impressive, so only large businesses were involved in investments, today anyone can do it.

About CS ” Zaraz”

The creators of the union at some point wondered where it was better to invest money for a year in Ukraine, and did not find an answer to it. The problem is that the banking system in the country is poorly established. Even a large bank can declare itself bankrupt at any time, and interest rates are much higher than deposit rates.

The next question that logically arises in everyone’s head is where it is better to invest money now. The answer to it is different for everyone. Some will prefer to invest in real estate, others will support young entrepreneurs and startups.

Zaraz Credit Union has developed its own strategy. It has been on the financial market for several years and has proven its effectiveness. Now you choose where it is better to invest your capital so that it will definitely return with interest. Professionals work here who will answer any question, competently draw up a contract, choose the most suitable option for investment.

Where is the best place to invest in Ukraine