Investments in Ukraine

Investing money in Ukraine has become much easier

All successful entrepreneurs know that money should not be a dead weight at home or in a bank account. They should work and bring additional profit. So, if a person has free money, investing is what is needed. Investments in Ukraine are just beginning to develop. Of course, you can put money in a bank for a deposit or invest it in a dubious organization. The most profitable is a deposit secured by real estate. In this case, you get additional income and significant guarantees.

Where to invest money

Today there are many companies on the market where to invest money. Experience shows that they are unreliable, they work on the principle of a financial pyramid, which is banned all over the world. Such organizations quickly disintegrate, without bringing profit to depositors. Unfortunately, reliable investments are not available to everyone, they require large financial investments, and information about them is available to a very narrow circle of people.

Deposits are not a bad option. You give the money at a small percentage per annum, he disposes of it at his discretion, and then returns it to you as soon as the contract expires. Such an investment of money in Ukraine is also considered unreliable, given inflation, instability of the financial market, and they give little profit.

The bank takes money from you and issues a loan secured by real estate from them. The lending rates are set high, and it compensates you only a small part. Credit Union “Zaraz” offers a new approach – the investment of money takes place immediately in a person who is looking for money secured by real estate in Kiev.

What does Zaraz CS offer?

Investing in our country is almost impossible without the mediation of a bank. He, in turn, takes a large price for his services, practically without providing guarantees to the depositor. The creators of the Zaraz Credit Union consider this unfair, so they have developed a completely new approach to what to invest in in 2021. It consists in the following:

  • if a person wants to make investments in Ukraine, he applies to the CS department;
  • he is offered several projects to choose from secured by real estate in Kiev;
  • if desired, the depositor can meet with the borrower in order to make sure of his solvency;
  • If both parties are satisfied with everything, a contract is concluded.

The contract prescribes how to invest, what loan amount, interest rate, repayment period, collateral real estate (including with a preliminary assessment of its value on the market). Throughout the entire cooperation, CS “Zaraz” provides legal advice to both parties, helps to resolve controversial issues. In case of non-payment, he deals with the documents for the re-registration of real estate.

Investments can bring quick profits. According to the terms of the contract, the money must be returned within 3-24 months. The longer the pledge period, the more money the depositor will receive.

People who are looking for funds to implement a business project most often come for money. Investments will allow someone to realize their dream, support small and medium-sized businesses that are in unfavorable conditions, suggest where to invest money at a percentage.

Credit Union “” has been registered with the National Financial Services Committee. Certificate of registration of a financial institution CS No. 943, you can view it on the website or in the branch. CS has been working on the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years and has proved that this method of investing is effective. It allows you to increase your capital and implement even the most daring projects.

Investments in Ukraine