Where to invest money

Investments in Ukraine: where can I invest money?

It happens that a person has a sum of money, but he does not know where to invest a little money. In the Ukrainian market, this problem is quite common, because economic conditions for business development have not yet been created, in addition, effective recommendations on where to invest money are not prescribed by law. Credit Union “Zaraz” offers a new solution to the problem.

What does the COP offer?

Still asking the question, where to invest $ 100? This is not surprising, because there are more scammers in this area than those who want to make a contribution. One-day companies fraudulently receive money for non-existent projects, and law enforcement agencies throw up their hands because there is no prescribed procedure. The same applies to financial pyramids. While they are banned in all countries of the world, in Ukraine (although also banned) their network is widely developed.

Many, wondering where to invest money on the Internet, give them to banks at a percentage. This is one of the most reliable options today, but it brings very little benefit, and the terms of cooperation are not the most acceptable.

Zaraz Credit Union understands the existing problem, so it has developed a new strategy for effective deposits and options where money can be invested:

  • the client thinks about what to invest money in, and appeals to the company’s employees;
  • they propose several projects for consideration;
  • if necessary, you can arrange a meeting with the borrower;
  • If both parties are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, a contract is drawn up.

Real estate in Kiev becomes the collateral for the transaction. Still don’t know where to invest money? The credit union will help you find a suitable project that you can appreciate.

What are the advantages?

Every enterprising person knows where to invest money and that money should bring income, and not gather dust in the closet. Constant inflation, instability of the economy lead to the depreciation of money, so many are wondering where to invest. In this case, you receive passive income and keep the funds intact.

Zaraz Credit Union offers a new solution to the problem of where to invest in 2021. He is looking for private and legal entities that require investment. The goal may be different: buying real estate or land for agricultural activities, opening your own business or its further rapid development.

If you put money on deposit, the bank decides who to give a loan to and who to refuse. The COP offers you to manage the funds yourself. You decide where it is profitable to invest money, which project to choose. The loan term is possible from 3 to 24 months. The longer the borrower does not return the money, the more profit you get.

In the event that the borrower for some reason cannot repay the debt, the mortgaged property is seized and it is put up for sale. As soon as there is a buyer, the depositor receives his funds with interest. The credit union is engaged in the execution of documents from the conclusion of the contract to the full repayment of the debt. Specialists work here who will tell you where to invest money in order to receive a monthly income, how to draw up a contract correctly, how to act if the borrower cannot return the money.

The company has been on the market for more than 10 years and has proven that its strategy works. She works legally, has passed state registration. Here you get the opportunity to invest money in a reliable business, legal support, the opportunity to increase your capital.

Where to invest money