Features of private investment

Ukraine is a huge country with thousands of entrepreneurs. Despite the wealth of the land, the presence of a huge amount of minerals, forests and water resources, the country’s economy is in dire straits. This is largely due to the fact that the investment market is in decline. Foreign investors are afraid to contribute money because of the high level of corruption, the unsettled shipping system. Private investment could have saved the day. Credit union “ZaRaZ” offers a new perspective on lending.

Where an individual can invest

Private investment in Ukraine is practically undeveloped. There are numerous fly-by-night companies on the market that encourage people to invest in them, but they are often scammers who fraudulently extract money. There are also a large number of financial pyramids that are prohibited by law in almost all countries of the world. Only those who “managed to jump on the train first” get profit in them, the rest do not return their contributions.

Of course, there are numerous reliable companies in Ukraine that are waiting for private investments, but a limited number of people have access to their list. And deposits are accepted for large amounts.

Private investments are accepted by banks as deposits. The profit from such cooperation for the depositor is minimal, but the bank grabs the lion’s share of the profit. At the very least, such cooperation is reliable. If the bank ceases to exist, then the state assumes the obligation to return the funds to depositors.

Credit union “ZaRaZ” offers a completely new approach. Private investments can be invested in interesting projects without the intermediation of a bank. KS specialists select several projects in which money can be invested. The investor chooses one of them, and real estate in the capital becomes the pledge of the transaction. Thus, everyone can choose the area in which they invest and return them with interest.

What is the advantage of the ZaRaZ CS offer

If you have a certain amount of free money at your disposal, it is very profitable to invest it in some worthwhile business. Private investing is a good option for those who want money to work, and not just lie dead in the account.

If you want to make private investments in a reliable business, contact the ZaRaZ Credit Union. He will offer a choice of several projects and will talk with the borrower. If you wish, you can personally meet a person, make sure of his solvency and find out for what purposes he needs money.

The KS undertakes the legal support of the transaction at all its stages. Private investment is a specialty of the company. It will help you draw up a contract correctly, which will include:

  • subjects;
  • amount;
  • interest rate;
  • subject of pledge;
  • return period;
  • additional conditions (if any).

According to the strategy created by the union, private investment is secured by real estate. Before entering into a transaction, the market value is assessed. It should roughly correspond to the size of the collateral. If, for some reason, the borrower cannot pay the money on time, then the property is sold, and the money is returned to the depositor. The procedure takes some time, but thanks to correctly executed documents, it always ends successfully.

CS “ZaRaZ” has passed state registration, has a permit for financial activities. The relevant documents can be found on the website or at the office of the company.