Where to invest 1000 dollars

Is it possible to invest in dollars in Ukraine?

In recent years, many of our compatriots have been working abroad. Returning home, they begin to wonder where to invest $ 1,000 in Ukraine. Unlike other countries, our investment market is poorly developed. Corruption, unstable economy, imperfection of the legal system – all this pushes depositors. Credit union “ZaRaZ” cannot break the system on its own, but it has developed a simple and understandable mechanism. Here they will tell you where to invest 1000 dollars without risk and how to get the most favorable conditions.

What are the advantages of dollar deposits?

Not sure where to invest $ 1000? There are many offers on the market today, but not all of them inspire confidence.

The dollar is one of the most stable currencies in the world. In 2014-2015, there was a sharp drop in the hryvnia. People who managed to buy dollars at a low price were able to make good money. Of course, the foreign exchange market is not the most reliable, but it is better to keep your savings or make deposits in a verified currency. If you are wondering where to invest 1000 dollars, then you need to remember that due to quarantine and the global crisis, the Ukrainian economy is not in the best condition. There is always a possibility that the value of the hryvnia will again jump to unprecedented heights.

Banks rarely want to accept foreign currency deposits. If there is an opportunity for cooperation, then the deposit rate is less than expected. Therefore, when answering the question of where to invest 1000 dollars in Ukraine, it is worth contacting specialists. They should know well the country’s investment market, its subtleties, the legislative framework, be able to assess possible risks and the borrower’s solvency.

The specialists of the ZaRaZ Credit Union will tell you where to invest 1000 dollars so as to get the greatest profit.

How does the COP work?

Credit Union “ZaRaZ” has a fairly extensive experience in the investment market. The principle of cooperation is similar to banking, but it has fundamental differences:

  • the company is approached by a person who wonders where to invest $ 1,000;
  • he is offered several projects to choose from;
  • he chooses the one that interests him;
  • an agreement will be concluded in which the terms of cooperation are fixed.

Do not know where to invest 1000 dollars in Ukraine, are you looking for only reliable proven options? KS will help to solve the problem as soon as possible, will take over the execution of the contract, the calculation of possible risks, the borrower’s solvency.

The deposit is very similar to a bank deposit – you receive an annual interest rate as a reward. The difference is that its size is much higher than in any institution. On average, the annual interest rate on deposits in the Credit Union ranges from 7 to 22.5%, depending on the period for which the money was issued. The longer the borrower does not pay them, the more you earn. At the same time, banks have only 5-10%.

Money is issued for a period of 3 to 24 months, this point is discussed at the stage of drawing up the contract. You will immediately know when you will receive your funds back and how much.

Loans are issued exclusively against the security of real estate in Kiev. Are you looking for where to invest 1000 dollars so that they will definitely return with interest? KS in this case is an excellent solution. If for some reason the borrower cannot return the money, his property is seized and sold at the appraised price, and the depositor is returned the money with interest. The CC specialists take over the paperwork and the conduct of the trial.

Where to invest 1000 dollars