Where to invest in Kiev

Where can you invest in Kiev in 2020-2021

Quarantine has made its own adjustments to the global economy. In most countries, the crisis reigns and Ukraine is no exception. How to invest in 2020-2021, the ZaRaZ Credit Union will tell you. Real professionals work here, who are confident that by successfully investing in business, you can get big dividends, as the first millionaires did in the 90s of the last century.

Where to finance in the crisis in Kiev

Many today are wondering where to invest their savings? There are only two answers – to the bank and invest in business. In the first case, you cannot make decisions about where to invest your money, you just give it to an institution for safekeeping and receive a minimum reward. There is always a possibility that the bank will collapse and the state will return the money. This takes a lot of time and effort, and given the size of the deposit rate, such cooperation can hardly be called mutually beneficial.

If you want to make your own decision and choose how to invest in 2020-2021, then it is better to turn to specialists. Today, all areas of the economy are in a difficult condition, so wherever you decide to invest, it is important to understand that any business can go bankrupt.

The most efficient is real estate and agriculture. They bring steady income at all times. Also, industries have recently begun to develop:

  • online stores,
  • delivery services;
  • Taxi;
  • the entire IT sphere (including website development, video games).

They can work in any situation; moreover, without them, the population would not have been able to cope with severe restrictions. Thus, the answer to the question of where to invest money is as follows: you need to invest in a company that will not close when quarantine is strengthened.

Specialists of the Credit Union have been working in the market for many years and know well where to invest their savings. They will tell you how to choose the right project, what to look for. In addition, they will provide legal support, draw up an agreement, monitor its implementation by both parties, and engage in litigation if the borrower refuses to return the money.

Why do many people prefer the ZaRaZ CS?

Credit union “ZaRaZ” is a relatively young company, which in a short time was able to prove that professionals with a capital letter work here, who know exactly where to invest money and are well versed in this branch of law.

The company works officially, has the appropriate permission for financial activities. She acts as an intermediary between the investor and the project that deserves attention. The depositor can be both a legal entity and an individual.

How to invest in 2020-2021? Several options will be offered for consideration, you can study them in detail, if you wish, get acquainted personally with the borrower, evaluate his solvency. If both parties are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, then an agreement is drawn up. It prescribes the rights and obligations, the amount, collateral (real estate in Kiev), the repayment period and the loan rate.

All transactions in the COP are secured by real estate. If the borrower cannot return the money on time, then it is sold, and the depositor is returned with interest.

Unlike a bank deposit, you can replenish the deposit, thereby increasing your income, while investing in several projects at the same time. Now you can decide where to invest your savings, relying on knowledge, understanding of the market and expert advice.

Where to invest in Kiev