10 functional zones for Ukraine

The Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine has developed a project of division of territories, according to which the regions will be divided according to the similarity of functioning.

Such a division will provide residents of different regions with economic benefits, which will allow the regions to develop more effectively. It is noted that there will be ten such types of division.

The first division will take place on socio-economic grounds and will not be tied to the boundaries of the region, district or territorial community.
According to Oleksiy Chernyshov, Minister of Community and Territorial Development, such a development plan will allow allocating money more efficiently. Finances will be divided not only in the region, but also in territories that have the same problems.

As part of the development program for the period up to 2027, the Ministry of Regional Development has identified the following types of territories:

  • Mountain areas. Ukrainian Carpathians;
  • Azrov and Black Sea macroregion;
  • border regions;
  • border areas in adverse conditions;
  • temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine;
  • protected areas (Emerald Network);
  • urban agglomerations;
  • centers of economic development;
  • monofunctional old industrial cities;
  • rural areas in adverse conditions.

Projects of functional areas are currently under development.