A new engineering invention is a molecular sensor for telephones

Previously, such technologies were present only in fantasy films, but now Trinamix has presented its invention – a molecular sensor. With its help it will be possible to carry out the molecular analysis by phone.

It should be noted that smartphones with such sensors have already appeared on the market, but they were very large. But recently the German company presented a sensor that can be placed in the phone and does not exceed the size of the camera module.

With its help it will be possible to analyze the condition of the skin (receive recommendations for care), to identify low-quality fabrics (counterfeit brands), to determine the composition of plastics, to measure the ratio of components in products and more.

It is noted that after installing the sensor, you only need to update the software, and it will start working.

This sensor is currently in the final stages of development, and its launch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.