Apple lost $ 180 billion in trading

Bidding took place on September 3, during which the company’s capitalization fell by 8% – according to Barrons’s.
It is noted that this is a record case in the US market for the entire existence of the auction, and even so, Apple’s capitalization remains greater than the mark of $ 2 trillion.

The size of the company’s loss is compared with the value of 470 companies with a stock index of S&P 500. It is also reported that this is the biggest drop since March this year, when Apple shares fell 12.9%.

The previous anti-record was set by Facebook – they lost $ 118 billion in 2018 on auction day due to a scandal involving Cambridge Analytica.
Experts see the reasons for the decline in the correction of the market and changes in the mood of investors who have decided to transfer shares to the real sector. Another reason is the news that the coronavirus vaccine is unlikely to appear in the United States this year.