Bitcoin has started to grow again

Now the Internet has been shocked by the news that on Saturday the value of bitcoin increased by 5% and exceeded the limit of $ 14,000. Even some say about the recurrence of 2018.

The news that the PayPal payment system will add it for buying and selling has contributed to the growth of bitcoin. He immediately crossed the $ 13,000 mark after the news was published. This event shows how much bitcoin has become a stock exchange currency.

On Saturday, trading revived and bitcoin rose in value by another 5% and broke the mark of $ 14,000. Note that this broke the record set in 2018, then the mark of $ 14,000 bitcoin passed on January 15.

Recall that back in May, the price of bitcoin was only $ 9,000. Analysts against this background predict further growth of the currency, but do not expect that by the end of the year it will reach $ 20,000. Against the background of a probable second lockdown and falling world economy, this option does not seem likely.