Driver’s responsibility for talking on the phone while driving, the latest information

According to traffic rules, a driver is not allowed to talk on a mobile phone while driving.
This rule is due to blurring of the driver’s attention during telephone conversations, which significantly slows down the reaction and can lead to an accident on the road. A greater danger is typing to send an SMS, then the driver hardly follows the road.

The law currently provides for a fine of UAH 425 for a telephone conversation. If the driver made dangerous maneuvers during the conversation, the fine will already be – 680 UAH, may also be deprived of the right to drive for up to 1 year (for this, the inspector must draw up a report, which will be submitted to the court).

If the inspector draws up a report, he has the right to withdraw his driver’s license for the duration of the case in court. The driver at this time will be issued a temporary driving license.
If the inspector does not consider the case in the manner prescribed by law, and does not draw up a report, the fine is considered illegal.