Hetmantsev commented on the main fears of private individuals about cash registers

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance Hetmantsev spoke about the main fears of entrepreneurs regarding the introduction of cash registers.

Cash registers are too burdensome for sole proprietors and require an accountant.
In practice, cash registers do not pose any complications for entrepreneurs who work honestly in the legal field, as each sole proprietor keeps records of their sales, and the cash register allows you to do it even easier. The difficulty will arise only for those sole proprietors who conduct their business in the shadow sector, because then it will become clear how much income is undeclared.

The cash register should be used for single tax payers of group I.
This is not true, such a rule does not apply to this group.

Maintaining primary documentation of goods accounting.
According to the new rules, when introducing cash registers, it is not necessary to enter the primary documentation of goods accounting.
But there are exceptions – the sale of household appliances, medicines and jewelry.

Introducing a large number of similar goods into the cash register is burdensome.
The State Tax Service will greatly facilitate the introduction of a large number of similar goods in the cash register.

Every private individual must buy an “iron” cash register.
This is not a necessity. RRO software is issued in the tax free of charge, for this you only need to download it to your phone.

If the entrepreneur is in another city, he will not be able to close the daily report.
PPO software allows you to work online, so location does not matter.

To sum up, the introduction of cash registers for private individuals primarily aims to protect customers and bring the market to the legal field. If we take the same sales of complex household appliances, VAT revenues have increased by 297% since the introduction of RRO, which has not yet brought this area out of the shadows, but has good potential to do so.