How will the price of gasoline in Ukraine change?

Now the Verkhovna Rada is considering a law that can reduce the price of gasoline by 3-4 hryvnias.

We remind you that now 1 ton of liquefied gas costs more than 1 ton of gasoline due to excise duties. At the gas station, this fuel costs much less, which in turn is very dangerous for the economy.

Against this background, domestic producers will be able to provide Ukraine with quality fuel in the amount of 70% of needs. To do this, at the state level it is necessary to create a transparent tax system and equal conditions for competition. Thus, domestic production will be preserved in the country and energy independence will be significantly strengthened.

According to experts of the Economic Association, if the excise tax is reduced to € 139.5 per 1,000 liters of fuel, it will lead to a reduction in the price of fuel at the gas station by 3 hryvnia. Gas stations also have their own loyalty program, which will further reduce the price by another UAH 1, which is almost 25%, which is significant.