Increase in pension benefits from January 1, what and how to expect

According to the comment of the Ministry of Social Policy, a resolution was adopted in September to increase pension payments from January 1, namely, a large increase is planned recently – UAH 400. These payments will be made to citizens who are 65 years old and have 30 years of service (for women and 35 for men).

In the future, there are plans to index pension benefits (as of June 21), as well as increase pensions for citizens over 85 years of age. The most important thing in this matter is a sufficient amount of money in the budget.

We remind you that on December 1, 2020 was the last increase in pension benefits. Then people with the I group of disability increased the pension by 371 UAH, participants of hostilities by 94 UAH, and also the minimum pension by 57 UAH.