The ZaRaZ Credit Union supports the military’s defense capabilities in the ATO.

During the war, and in a different way, the language does not turn to say, we did not stand aside and by all means and capabilities we support our guys in the ATO
We will not write much in this article for the reason that we would like to do much more …

To be more specific, we help one of the most able-bodied units that performs difficult tasks.
For the entire time of the ATO, we helped to purchase a car, drones, and we also help our fighters to treat, this is certainly not all, we promised that the article would be short ..

At the end of the article, I would like to quote Leo Tolstoy: “… The evil of war and the good of peace are so well known to people that since we know people, the best wish has been the greeting“ Peace be to you. ”

Peaceful sky above your head
Glory to the heroes!