Theme: « My financial future. Drawing up a family budget »

In fact, making informed decisions , taking effective actions to fulfill financial plans and successfully achieve life goals, EASY ! A financial school these days is already a necessity. The only way to prosperity, success and self-realization is to gain financial literacy. Whatever we do — household chores, careers, or building our own business — we all live exactly in a world driven by money, where finances have always permeated all areas of our lives.

Be sure to plan your future! Make financial goals for the family!

What is financial literacy?

– the ability to keep track of all income and expenses, their analysis;

– the ability to properly manage financial resources;

– make a choice of financial instrument;

– create savings in order to secure the future and be prepared for unforeseen situations and avoid financial risks;

– identify additional sources of income.

The training will cover topics:

– financial goal, its definition and achievement;

– family budget: together or separately;

– the correct distribution of income and cost reduction;

– financial instruments;

– profitable deposits and loans, as “helpers in life.”

Learn from the experiences of other people who have made their way to the top instead of being born there. You will not only conquer the peaks, but really will be worthy of them!

Make a financial future and the right family budget together!


Training will be held in our office on the street. V. Zabily, 5

For information on the date and time of the training

contact by phone:

(044)525 54 97

(067)242 44 67

(050)443 50 30

(063)495 37 03

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