NBU – October 1, coins with a face value of 25 kopecks go out of circulation

According to the NBU Resolution №117, the circulation of 25 kopeck coins will be stopped from October 1. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the NBU Alexei Shaban.
What does this mean for people? From October 1, it will not be possible to pay with these coins, but it will be possible to exchange them in banks for denominations of the appropriate denomination for another 3 years from the entry into force of the resolution.

Also in this resolution the intention on withdrawal from circulation of banknotes of 1 and 2 denominations (printed before 2003) and a yellow coin of 1 denomination is voiced.
The NBU plans to reduce the nominal number of hryvnia from 17 positions to 12. This is primarily due to increased convenience of the payment system.