• Internal rules for the provision of financial services, namely the Regulations on financial services of the credit union “ZaRaZ”
  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • Form 3
  • Form 4
  • Notes of the Constitutional Court 2015
  • Auditor’s conclusion of the Constitutional Court 2015
  • Reporting data for 2015
  • Audit opinion 2014
  • DFP 2014
  • Notes to the financial statements 2014
  • Annual financial statements 2014
  • Audit opinion 2013
  • DFP 2013
  • Financial condition 2013 part 1
  • Financial condition 2013 part 2
Credit unions in Ukraine operate in accordance with the requirements of the Civil and Economic Codes of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine “On Credit Unions” and “On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Services Markets”, as well as other laws and regulations: Regulations, Regulations, License Terms and so on…

You can get acquainted with all basic normative documents which regulate activity of credit unions below.

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This Law establishes the general legal framework in the field of financial services, the implementation of regulatory and supervisory functions for the provision of financial services.

The purpose of this Law is to create a legal framework to protect the interests of consumers of financial services, legal support for the development and development of a competitive financial services market in Ukraine, legal support for a unified state policy in the financial sector of Ukraine.

You can read the text of the law directly by going to this link.

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This is the basic law that regulates the activities of credit unions.

It determines the organizational, legal and economic basis for the establishment and operation of credit unions, their associations, the rights and responsibilities of members of credit unions and their associations.

You can read the text of the law directly by going to this link.

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