Rules to help circumvent fraudsters when shopping online

First of all, it is recommended to check the online stores themselves (whether they have anything suspicious), and secondly, never transfer the deposit to a bank card, because if it is an official store, it must have a bank account.

On the website of the online store you need to find the USREOU code and the official legal name through which you can check the legal status (whether the license is suspended).

Another verification measure is to review the court history of this store, if any. This is because if the seller is a fop, you can find a lot of interesting things in court history.

It is also worth considering if the price of the product is much lower than the market price, and even lower than the cost – this is a very likely sign of fraud.

So it is best to order the product postpaid – it will be more expensive, but safer, because the product can be viewed before purchase.

The same actions must be followed when ordering services, goods or other actions on the Internet.