Subsistence level in Ukraine compared to the United States and other countries

Currently, the subsistence level set by states in the world differs and depends on the level of economic development of countries. For example, in the United States, this figure is $ 55 per capita per day. In Ukraine, the authorities set a minimum at $ 2.6 per day, which is almost 20 times less.

And if you look at our neighbors – Russia, Moldova and the Czech Republic – they will have a daily minimum of 4-5 dollars. Of its neighbors, Poland has the highest rate – $ 18.9.

The leaders in the established subsistence level, as you can easily guess, are the United States, Canada, France and Germany (at the level of 41-55 dollars).
Currently, the monthly subsistence level in Ukraine is UAH 2,027, which is a very small figure. This year it is planned to increase this indicator to UAH 2,189.