The crisis in the real estate market will begin only in 2022

According to financial analysts, the real estate market in the world will reach its lowest point in 2021 and will begin to grow only in 2022. It is also noted that the indicators for the 4th quarter are expected to be much worse than previously reported.

Cushman & Wakefield has prepared a report in which it reported a protracted crisis in 2021, which could lead to a revaluation of assets. The report also reports the threat of a recession. Against the background of the crisis, many countries have lost significantly reduced their tools to stimulate the economy can not effectively respond to the recession.

The report also considered the prospects of the real estate market. Accordingly, next year it is projected to decrease by 5%, which will be a total of 15% decline in recent years. The beginning of its restoration is also planned only in 2022.