The electronic payment system will start operating on August 3 in 23/7 mode

EPS will operate in an extended mode from 03.08.20. This decision was made by the NBU Board on July 18, 20.

This mode will be more flexible and convenient for interbank transactions, especially for payments that depend on the time of the transaction. The NBU also emphasizes that this innovation will encourage customers to make more use of non-cash payments.

The start of the renewed EPS work was planned to start a month after the end of the quarantine, as it was understood that the current restrictions caused difficulties for bank staff. But with the introduction of adaptive quarantine in Ukraine, the NBU decided on a specific date for the start of EPS in an updated mode. This step is due to the fact that system users could schedule their operations during the quarantine.

It is noted that the banks themselves will decide when to start and end their work in EPS based on their needs and customer needs.