The minimum wage has been increased from September 1

According to the provisions of the bill signed by Zelensky, the minimum wage will be increased to UAH 5,000 from September 1.

Zelensky stressed that these steps have been taken to improve the living standards of citizens. Also, along with the increase in the minimum wage, the incomes of teachers, doctors, social workers and other budget areas will increase, as their salaries are calculated according to a single tariff grid.

It is also noted that the increase in the minimum wage was proposed at the initiative of Zelensky. According to his proposal, a double increase is planned in 2021 – on January 1 to UAH 6,000, on July 1 to UAH 6,500.

The minimum wage began to increase significantly only at the end of 2016 (then it was UAH 1,600), and at the beginning of 2018 it increased to UAH 3,723. In 2019, it increased to UAH 4,173.