The NBU intends to improve the cyber security of the money transfer system

As a regulator, the NBU has plans to set a number of requirements for participants in the field of payments to build a new system of information protection and cybersecurity. As a result of these requirements, an action plan will be developed and approved in the event of a cyberattack.

Regarding information protection, the NBU plans to develop a number of new measures and instructions that will have a positive impact on this area in the long run. A plan for the development of information protection policy in the banking sector for the coming years will also be introduced. All of the above actions will minimize the number of fraudulent transactions, interception of payments and more.

First of all, the changes will concern organizations (payment systems) created by residents of Ukraine, service operators and others.
The press service of the NBU announces that public discussions will be held with market participants on methods and ways to increase cybersecurity.